Vaccinated People Are The Super Spreaders Of Delta Variant In Households!

The Delta Variant is transmitted quickly from the vaccinated person to the household members. The UK study proves this, but the researchers claimed that the vaccinations and boosters are doing something more.

One year-long study from the Imperial College London shared in The Lanced this Thursday, saying that the Delta variant is highly transmissible within the vaccinated.

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“By carrying out repeated and frequent sampling from contacts of COVID-19 cases, we found that vaccinated people can contract and pass on an infection within households, including to vaccinated household members,” Dr. Anika Singanayagam stated.

The discoveries give us an insight into why this variant continues to have a high number of C-19 cases, even in countries with high vaccinated counties.

The study shared that the viral load declined most rapidly for the vaccinated people with the Delta variant compared to the unvaccinated.

The peak of the C-19 virus in the vaccinated population is almost the same as in the unvaccinated. It is the reason why the Delta variant can spread despite the vaccination.

This variation is spread among the vaccinated population, and Dr. Ajit Lalvani stated that people need to get the vaccine or boosters to lower C-19 severe symptoms.

“We found that susceptibility to infection increased already within a few months after the second vaccine dose … so those offered a booster should get it promptly,” Lalvani said.

Their study examined 621 participants and concluded that of 205 households of people infected with the Delta variant, 38% of the household members, unvaccinated, were positive. But, there were 25% vaccinated positive members.

Furthermore, the immunity of the fully vaccinated will drop for about three months. However, they didn’t say if it should inform the UK’s booster policy.

Steve Templeton is an immunologist with Indiana University’s school of medicine, and he stated that “the key to ending the pandemic has always been the immune system.”

“The fact that so many have recovered from infection and that robust, durable, and protective immunity in those individuals has been unequivocally proven should be considered a good thing,” he said in an article dated Oct. 22, adding that “there appears to be a drive to cancel the term ‘natural immunity,’ a pretense that the vaccinated need fear the unvaccinated, and an unwillingness to treat the public as adults that can handle nuanced information and make decisions regarding their health.”

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