Vaccinated Patients Account for 95 Percent of Severe and 85-90 Percent of New Covid Hospitalizations, According to a Top Israeli Health Official; Vaccine Effectiveness is “Really Fading”

“Believe in science.”

Dr. Kobi Haviv, the medical head of Israel’s leading center for respiratory care, appeared on Channel 13 News this week to provide an exceedingly worrying report on vaccine-preventable illnesses.

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At the Herzog Medical Center in Jerusalem, the vaccinated account for 85-90 percent of all new hospitalizations and 95 percent of “serious” cases, according to Dr. Haviv.

He describes how a single infected patient can spread the virus to “a significant number of others” and that this doesn’t happen “once in a while,” but rather on a regular basis.


The majority of Israelis have been properly vaccinated, according to their health officials, including 85 percent of those who are eligible. 5.8 million of the expected 9.3 million citizens have received at least one vaccination, and 5.4 million have been fully vaccinated.

Despite the fact that the majority of them received the vaccine, the country has seen a rapid increase in cases, resulting in more daily positive test results than on the same day last year. They had 3,843 new cases on Thursday.

The data was utilized by the Israeli Health Ministry to justify tighter limitations on its authoritarian vaccine passports. Citizens are now compelled to present proof of vaccination, following an emergency decision on Thursday.

Dr. Haviv’s discoveries, paired with the high vaccination rate, add to Gateway Pundit’s recent research on the vaccine’s full ineffectiveness non preventing the virus from spreading.

Who exactly are the “super spreaders”?

Despite the fact that the number of positive cases has returned to the levels seen last year, the number of hospitalizations has not. In fact, the number of persons admitted to the hospital has decreased by nearly half.

The false news media is attempting to blame the vaccine for the virus’s decreased virulence, but this is more likely owing to the use of superior antiviral medications such as hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin.


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