Vaccinated Australians Will be Able to Go Out For Recreation For Only One Hour Every Day

The New South Wales Ministry of Health stated on Thursday that fully vaccinated adults will be able to go out for one hour of recreation every day starting September 13.

According to a new release from the ministry titled “New freedoms for vaccinated first step on state path out of COVID,” they expect to reach 6 million vaccinated by that date.

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Those who are completely vaccinated and live in areas like as Sydney, Liverpool, Canterbury, and others will be able to: “gather outside for enjoyment (including picnics) within the existing rules” beginning at 12:01 a.m. on September 13. (for one hour only, outside curfew hours and within 5km of home). This is on top of the one hour allotted for physical activity.”

This is the first stage in the roadmap, according to the journal, and “further liberties will follow for individuals who have taken the jab when the state meets new immunization targets of 70 and 80 percent.”

Premier Gladys Berejiklian of New South Wales praised the vaccinated for helping to attain the 6 million vaccination target.

“Every person who comes forward to get vaccinated makes a difference because the more needles we get into arms, the faster we can relax restrictions,” Berejiklian added.

In contrast, after receiving Pfizer’s vaccination against the CCP (or COVID-19) virus, well-known Australian journalist and broadcaster Denham Hitchcock was sent to the hospital with a heart issue.

He has pericarditis, an inflammation of the tissue that protects and surrounds the heart, according to the current senior reporter for Channel Seven’s documentary unit.

Hitchcock sent a telegram from the hospital, claiming that his illness was caused by the Pfizer vaccine.

“I debated whether or not to send this letter from the hospital. But I felt that it would be hypocritical not to after 27 years as a journalist whose major purpose is to uncover the truth,” he posted on Instagram.

“I am not anti-vaccine. But I’m also not a big fan of vaccines. Hitchcock stated, “I’m pro-choice—and pro-information to make that choice.”

He stated he was in contact with health officials in Sydney who told him that “one hospital has had well over a dozen cases like me” after relating his experiences since receiving the Pfizer vaccine.

After that, he shared his thoughts. “No one is talking about this in the present vaccine hysteria, but it is certainly happening,” Hitchcock added.

Another case in Australia was the New South Wales Minister for Customer Care, who suffered facial paralysis while giving a live COVID-19 (CCP virus) update press conference and was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy during a medical checkup.

This condition could be linked to the Minister receiving the first dose of AstraZeneca’s vaccine in May.

Minister Dominello’s second injection of AstraZeneca’s vaccination (also known as Covishield in some countries) was scheduled for August 19, the same day as the conference where he was paralyzed, as he had previously disclosed via Instagram.

It should be mentioned that, according to a previous report by Great Game India, trials of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine were terminated in September 2020 due to the rise of cases of transverse myelitis, an inflammatory disease that can cause paralysis.

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