USA Swimming Official Quits Because Of Trans Swimmer Participant Can Compete Against Women!

USA Swimming official Cynthia Millen quit protesting over the ability of transgender to compete against women.

She can’t support a sport that allows biological men to compete against women. The letter that she sent indicates that Millen, who has swum professionally for more than 30, resigned on December 17.

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“I told my fellow officials that I can no longer participate in a sport which allows biological men to compete against women,” she wrote in her resignation.

“Everything fair about swimming is being destroyed. If Lia came on my deck as a referee, I would pull the coach aside and say, ‘Lia can swim, but Lia can swim exhibition or a time trial. Lia cannot compete against those women because that’s not fair.’” Swimming World magazine reported.

USA Swimming didn’t respond to any question linked to this incident at their press conference.

Thomas, 22 from the University of Pennsylvania women’s swimming team member, broke the record of three women in freestyle swimming and could become the women’s NCAA title contender in a few months.

“Lia Thomas had another strong day in the pool for the Red and Blue,” Penn Athletic wrote. “During the prelims, she set a new pool and meet record in the 500 free. In the finals, she swam more than 12 seconds faster, finishing in first place with a time of 4:34.06. That time is currently the best in the country in the event.”

Thomas was a member of the men’s swimming program, and he underwent hormone suppression, and now the NCAA allows transgender women to compete on NCAA women’s sports teams.

He submitted his hormone tests and doctor’s medical remarks to the NCAA, so they approved him to participate.

He takes estrogen and a testosterone blocker, so he has experienced a lot of muscle and strength loss.

“I just don’t engage with it,” Thomas said of the criticism. “It’s not healthy for me to read it and engage with it at all, and so I don’t.”

Among the pushback was a blunt December 19. Editorial penned by John Lohn, the Swimming world editor in chief, Lohn said that Thomas qualified for the women’s team after he took testosterone suppressants for one year.

Lohn wrote that that rule “is not nearly stringent enough to create a level playing field between Thomas and the biological females against whom she is racing,” Lohn wrote.

“Thomas’ male-puberty advantage has not been rolled back an adequate amount,” he wrote. “The fact is, for nearly 20 years, she built muscle and benefited from the testosterone naturally produced by her body. That strength does not disappear overnight, nor with a year’s worth of suppressants.’’

‘’ Consequently, Thomas dives into the water with an inherent advantage over those on the surrounding blocks.”

The Epoch Times Swimming World Magazine

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