US Special Forces Satanist Michael Aquino – DEAD! [WATCH]

The Ukraine war has changed its direction carrying mass incantations and invoking spiritual powers.

“All the evil forces from all over the planet have been gathering in one place in Ukraine for the last stand,” is how the Russian FSB source says the situation is.

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Khazarian mafia witches, Satanists, and neo-Nazis say that they have been preparing for 40 days to cure Putin and Russia.

“We are ready. Our rite has been developed by a team of serious practitioners from day one. We did a lot of preparatory work, breaking through enemies’ defenses, carefully planning and selecting rituals,” the witches stated.

Russians “summoned all the Shamans of the North to get the nature gods to protect Russia,” the FSB says. The Russian Orthodox Church has said that the Ukrainian government uses satanic rites against the Russians. Priest Andriy Tkachov said, “Ukraine has nothing left but to ask for help from demons.”

The Russians have issued plenty of proof they are fighting Satan and its worshipers.

The US Special Forces command was led to the point by the self-declared Satanist General Michael Aquino.

Aquino has been sent to meet his master. ‘’ They explicitly and repeatedly have said, “in order to save the environment,” they want to kill 90% of the world’s population of “useless eaters.” After the alliance told them that -if they were sincere in their wish to kill 90% of people- they could prove this by agreeing to be the first to die, the KM have changed their tune. Now they are saying they will put 90% of people on “basic income,” and keep them playing video games while stoned on drugs.’’ Before Its News reported.

Yuval Harari said,‘’ things like: Humans are now hackable animals, free will, that’s over…this story of Jesus rising from the dead, that’s fake news…Covid is the moment when surveillance started going under the skin….The biggest question over the coming decades will be what to do with all these useless people.”

These people can’t confess they are incompetent, so they say they don’t know how to make these people useful.
They even said, ‘’there’s no God; we’re God.’’

There may not be a God, but we didn’t create ourselves; someone had to do that!

However, these people may not be God, but surely they are powerful and dangerous. They control the Pope via his personal security, the Swiss Guard.

Watch the video below:

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