US Radar Discovered Shocking Things – Massive Chinese Rocket!

And it comes to Earth with uncontrolled re-entry!

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According to a scientific report published by Space News,

“A massive Chinese rocket will be falling to Earth, with large sections of the United States among the possible sites, but no one knows where or when the rocket will hit.

The Long March 5B rocket pushed China’s first module for its space station into orbit on Wednesday. However, the booster rocket remained in orbit as well as the payload.

That means that the core of the rocket, which weighs about 21 metric tons, the equivalent of about 23 tons, will eventually tumble back to Earth.”

“Most expendable rocket first stages do not reach orbital velocity and re-enter the atmosphere and land in a pre-defined re-entry zone. Some other larger, second stages perform deorbit burns to lower altitude to reduce time in orbit and lower chances of collisions with other spacecraft or to immediately re-enter the atmosphere,” the report continues.

The US military is tracking the rocket.

“The decay of its orbit will increase as atmospheric drag brings it down,” the report explained. “The speed of this process depends on the size and density of the object and variables include atmospheric variations and fluctuations, which are themselves influenced by solar activity and other factors.”


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