US Leader Want To Start NUCLEAR WAR Against Russia! They Want To Create Chaos And Collapse To Cover The Global Financial Reset!

US leaders, among whom are RINOs, too, want to provoke Russia into a full-scale war over Ukraine to create chaos to cover their global reset bomb implosion. They need a war to justify the medical martial law, gun confiscation, and supply chain failures while they suspend the 2022 midterm elections and keep the Biden puppets in power for as long as they could possibly hold.

US Senator Roger Wicker on Fox News said that the US military might launch a surprise attack on Russia.

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“I would not rule out American troops on the ground,” Wicker told Cavuto and said that we shouldn’t “rule out first use nuclear action” against Russia.

First Use = Surprise Attack

Take a look at this statement here:

This attack would be insane. It’s hazardous because we would provoke Russia to attack us first if Putin sees that the USA plans a surprise attack on his country.

It is regular theory stuff, and we can be sure that Putin is more intelligent than the US people deciding on these kinds of stuff.

Putin is a genius for strategy, but Biden is a dementia patient.

Russia would devastate US and NATO forces in Europe

Russia can clean the floor with US and NATO forces if anyone starts a war over Ukraine. It is so because Pentagon leaders represent corrupted communists and traitors, and they will easily betray the USA.

America’s military is a worketard social experiment that promotes transgenderism and gayness over combat effectiveness. Russia has actual men fighting for their country. Furthermore, Russia is ahead of the US regarding weapons, technology, and hypersonic missiles. They have them fully developed, and the US military is years behind Russia. The missiles are game-changers because there aren’t defenses against them. reported:

Hypersonic weapons such as Russia’s 3M22 Zircon fly so fast and low — at speeds of up to Mach 6 and at a low atmospheric-ballistic trajectory — that they can penetrate traditional anti-missile defense systems.

The missile flies with an advanced fuel that the Russians say gives it a range of up to 1,000 kilometers. And it’s so fast that the air pressure in front of the weapon forms a plasma cloud as it moves, absorbing radio waves and making it practically invisible to active radar systems.

Reuters reported:

As part of “the completion of tests” of Russia’s hypersonic missile weapons, the Admiral Gorshkov warship launched a Zircon missile at a target in the Barents Sea at a range of 400 kilometers, the defense ministry said.

“The target was hit,” the ministry said, describing the test as successful.

At 400km, the missiles can completely ruin the US surface naval ship trying to harass Russian forces nearby Ukraine.

Moreover, Russia has nuclear-powered cruise missiles.

Reuters reported:

Russia has boasted of developing several weapons that circumvent existing defense systems, including the Sarmat intercontinental missiles and Burevestnik cruise missiles. Western experts have linked a deadly blast at a test site in northern Russia in 2019 — which caused a sharp spike in local radiation levels — to the Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missile.

The Pentagon actually wants to see America’s military defeated and destroyed

If the US attacks Russia, most of the USA’s weapons and military assets would be destroyed in less than 15 minutes. It seems that Pentagon aims precisely that.

The Pentagon tries to completely destroy the US military and troops with the deadly mRNA, and now they will do that by provoking Russia to do so.

The actions show that Pentagon runs a treasonous, murderous campaign for the USA’s destruction.

The actual long-term aim represents the surrender of the USA to China.

Prepare for WAR in 2022… and a cyber-war false flag targeting US infrastructure.

US bureaucrats, senators, and Joe Biden have decided to put the USA in a war against Russia and China. They will do that only to stop the 2022 midterm elections because they know the outcome.

It signifies that the power grid will be taken down, cutting odd crucial communications like the internet and mobile phones, and when this happens, the only thing that would function would be radios and satellite phones.

As a result of this, the dollar would collapse, and people won’t have anything.

The food supplies, medicine, ammunition, and other crucial gear would be impossible to find.

For more details, take a look at the video below.

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