US Lab Shares Their Findings In Vaccine Vials! DEADLY! [WATCH]

After the revelation from some doctors and international scientists, the US lab finally shared their disclosures on the COVID-19 Vials, and their discoveries shocked the doctors who examined the vaccine.

Dr. Carrie Madej revealed her results on the Stew Peters show earlier this week. The results were from the examination of the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccine.
– The Experimental COVID Shot IS The Pathogen
– Scientists In Spain Analyzed Pfizer Injection Contents & The Ingredients Are More Than Disturbing (Video)
– Is What The CDC’s VAERS Not Telling Us The Real Danger Of The COVID Jabs?

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She revealed something terrible about the vaccine, and they are serving as a bioweapon for depopulation. These companies are aware of the consequences and still are applying them to peoples’ bodies. They know that some of those people will die or have some injury.

See below:

Dr. Madej warned the people about the shots one year ago, and she has attacked in the media be self-proclaimed useful idiot fact-checkers.

  • Dr. Carrie Madej On Hydrogels, DARPA Implantable Biosensors & The Coming Vaccine
  • A History Of Vaccines To The Present Pfizer COVID Vaccine & Their Dangers With Dr. Carrie Madej
  • #AskTheExperts – Shemirani, Corbett, Madej & Kaufman – The Vaccine Rollout Has Begun, Here’s What You’re Not Being Told!
  • Kate Shemirani & Dr. Carrie Madej: Exposing The Vaxx, The Nanobots & The Lies Of The Experimental COVID Injections – It’s Aimed At Our Kids!

She pointed out what the scientists and experts did as well:

  • Dr. Jane Ruby: There Is No Threshold Of Death Or Injury That Will Stop These Shots (Video)
  • Dr. Jane Ruby: How Much More Information Do We Need Before We Stop This Genocide? (Video)

Many doctors raised their voice about the vaccine ‘’efficacy’’ and harmful effects.

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