US Egg Factory Killed More Than 5M Chickens And Fired Nearly Everyone!

This is more than a coincidence!

This is an engineered collapse of the US, and it’s manifesting in every single crisis we see unfold in the country, including soaring inflation, international tensions, and the promotion of the 3rd world war.

Now, we face food shortages. We have been sharing reports of more than 20 food distribution centers and processing plants, which were destroyed very fast.

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The latest food plant that had these issues was Rembrandt Enterprises, owned by Glen Taylor; the plant killed more than 5 M chickens and fired the staff in response to an alleged avail flu outbreak.

Check this out:

The Guardian reported:

Overnight, the factory had begun slaughtering more than 5 million chickens using a gruesome killing method after detecting a single case of avian influenza.

Even supervisors were assigned to the arduous task of dragging dead hens out of packed cages as Rembrandt Enterprises raced to contain the spread of the virus amid the largest bird flu outbreak in the US in seven years.

The culling has been repeated at chicken and turkey farms across Iowa and 28 other states from Maine to Utah.

More than 22 million birds have been killed in an attempt to contain the outbreak – the majority in Iowa, the US’s biggest producer of eggs. The slaughter of 5.3 million hens at Rembrandt is the largest culling at any factory farm in the country.

The New York Post added:

According to the animal rights group, “She attempted to whistle to stop play as she approached Taylor at his courtside seat, to issue a ‘technical foul and ejection,’ along with a ‘fine’ against Forbes’ richest billionaire in Minnesota.”

This is the third protest at a Timberwolves game orchestrated by the organization.

The New York Post The Guardian

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