UPDATE: Why Fox News Started Pushing The Vaccines Out Of Nowhere!

Journo stated he knows the exact reason why the sudden push of the vaccines from Fox News.

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There’s a major shift inside the Fox News outlet and their politics regarding COVID vaccinations and their mandatory side. They’ve started pushing the vaccines, but pretty hard, and pretty much, out of the blue… z

They even have Sean Hannity as their special star for this sole purpose. He made many viewers angry with this, and their struggles with keeping up with their viewers might just start going downwards once again.

Watch how stupid he sounds:


And, many people are wondering why the sudden shift.  Had it something to do with the stock market, and Rupert Murdoch’s fears of a recession thanks to more lockdowns?

A journalist from Conservative Tree House seems like he’s cracked the code and got the right answer.

“Fox News Corp is worried about getting cancelled, yes the entire network in the U.S., if they are labeled as anti-vaccination disinformation. Their lawyers are advising them to promote the vaccine in order to cut off the potential risk. The hosts have been instructed.”

He surely isn’t far from the truth-he shot the exact center. Especially what we’ve been seeing lately, with the social media and COVID 19 messaging…

And also, the New York Times reported that “Biden has come out against social media big time, claiming they’re “killing people” by allowing misinformation to spread.

His comments came right on the heels of his administration’s more aggressive approach to vaccine hesitancy, which was followed after weeks of begging Americans to get vaccinated and using officials to go door to door.”

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