UPDATE: Suspected “Undercover Federal Agents” at “Justice for J6” Event

The photo went viral, and made a Big Bang among the entire internet society, because it is true that these men look so much like FBI agents.

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It is very likely that the whole “Justice for J6” event was a total set-up. There were undercover agents all over the place. Even President Trump made warnings about the set-up, warning people to stay away from the event.

Many people listened to what he said and did exactly that. It helped to make obvious that the people that actually attended the event were reporters and agents on undercover duty.

everyone listened and stayed away, and it looked like the bulk of the people who were actually there were reporters and federal agents.

As a matter of fact, the one arrest Capitol Police made turned out to be a reported undercover FBI agent dressed in “ANTIFA-like” clothing.

Nothing stopped the big media outlets, such as CNN and MSNBC to report on it for weeks as if it were going to be the start of the next Civil War.

But sneaky and smart Trump supporters mocked the stupidity all day yesterday online, starting with the Capitol Police, who came out dressed in full combat gear, and stomped around like Storm Troopers, ready to “rumble.”

Here’s just an example of the comments made by the majority of the internet society that saw thru the Dems desperate try.

“Hello, fellow non-cops. I’m happy to meet you for the first time so we can all MAGA together. Let’s ask the other MAGAs if they have forgotten their AR-15,’s and offer to give them some.”

“With all these feds being filmed for #FedFest2021 they are going to run out of false flag actors to use.”

“They all look disappointed that “Fed Fest” turned out to be a DUD.”

“Right outta Central Casting. Please send us 6 right wing anarchists that look just like undercover narcs.”

“As someone who has been married to a fed, my opinion is.. Except for wearing an FBI shirt or flashing a badge, they could not be any more obvious.”

“Thankfully people did not fall for this BS and didnt bother showing up. Everyone knew the majority of these “protestors” would be federal agents trying to make trouble, especially after we found out yesterday that Biden MURDERED 7 kids, they had to change the topic”

““You need to act normal” “I am acting normal!” “God dammit. Now I’m self conscious and I’m trying to try to act normal!” “Our cover is blown, isn’t it?” “What are we supposed to be acting like?” “We are white guys!” “Oh fuck it. Just drink your water.””

“Looks like they walked right out of a GQ FBI catalog. T-shirts, shorts, watches, dark glasses. Only the black, ankle socks on one of them is a bit, shall we say, “old fashioned”.”

And, here’s n updated, wider angle of that photo, exposing more feds. It was shared by a reporter for the very liberal Vice News, who added that the group would not agree to be interviewed by anyone, and told reporters they were “just tourists.”

What’s your personal opinion on this situation?


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