Update Report: What Really Happened in Epstein’s Final Moments???

The New York Times story, reporting updated facts and materials obtained directly by the FBI raised a lot of questions, but also, revealed bigger truths and intrigues in Epstein’s life, and final moments.

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The documents the news outlet obtained from a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit undermine the theory posited by the general public as well as Epstein’s family and attorneys that the shadowy financier did not, in fact, kill himself.

He was cheerful and talked to the jail psychologist about how thrilled he is and that he loves his life. Adding that he was a coward to take his own life, and is afraid of the pain in the future, his statement makes it weird to actually commit suicide only a few days afterward…

“I have no interest in killing myself,” he reportedly told one of the facility’s mental health workers, according to documents from the Bureau of Prisons just made public for the first time.

“I would not do that to myself,” he said.

However, the Times added something interesting in their own report.

“After a life of manipulation, Mr. Epstein created illusions until the very end, deceiving correctional officers, counselors, and specially trained inmates assigned to monitor him around the clock, according to the documents,” the Times reported.

“The clues prompted too little action by jail and bureau officials, who made mistake after mistake leading up to Mr. Epstein’s death,” the records reveal.”

“In the years since, his notoriety increased as stories continued to swirl that he was in the habit of procuring underage girls to satisfy the appetites of his wealthy and powerful friends, who he would invite to his various extravagant residences in Manhattan, Palm Beach, and his private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands — Little St. James, or as its rumored the locals called it, “Pedo Island.”

“Wealthy and powerful friends reportedly include the likes of former President Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and the U.K.’s Prince Andrew, although all have denied anything other than a mere casual acquaintance with Epstein.

It is largely due to his high-up connections, however, that, almost as soon as news broke that the notorious billionaire was found lifeless in his jail cell on Aug. 1, 2019, and later said to have died by suicide that the meme “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself” was born,” the Western Journal added in their report.

So, what do you think?

Did he or did he not kill himself?

The New York TimesWestern Journal

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