UPDATE: One Million Arizona Ballots – COUNTED!

The Maricopa County, Arizona audit has reached a new milestone. From the Arizona audit’s official Twitter account, we can learn that, officially, more than one million ballots have already been counted by hand.

Ken Bennett, the AZ Audit Director, shared that more than one million ballots have already been counted during the forensic audit.

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He added that more than three hundred new workers/ volunteers participated in the audit from last week, so they want to ensure they finish by the deadline.

More than 2.1 million ballots remained to be counted, so more than 50% of the job is done.

The Gateway Pundit published the transcript of the Ken Bennett interview.

On Thursday, Jordan Conradson sat down again with Arizona Audit Director Ken Bennett and Randy Pullen for updates on the ongoing audit of the 2020 Maricopa County Election.

Bennett: I think we’re at over 800,000 ballots counted and things are running very smoothly. We’ve had some of the highest number of counting tables since the audit began, yesterday afternoon, 33, and 37 new people are being trained today. Over 300 new workers and volunteers were trained last week. The pace is starting to ramp up but the speed is not our goal, accuracy is our number one goal.

Conradson: So, what’s going on with these deleted databases? Are we ever going to find out who did it?

Bennett: Well we don’t know that it was inadvertent or intentional. We never tried to imply one or the other but the contractor that was looking at that data does have a confirmation that some directories were deleted on April 12th. And computers keep track of when you add things and when you delete things. So that there’s a record of those being deleted but also happens in computers when you delete something it goes to a temporary file and they were able to recover it. If Maricopa County wants to see the data that proves that it was deleted, our contractor would be happy to share that.

You can see the interview of Ken Bennett and Randy Pullen.

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