UPDATE: Mitch Albom, Sports Columnist, Shared His Theory About The Tiger Woods Case!

Tiger Woods made the most mysterious car crash in the world’s history.

It is a mystery, and only a few details are revealed.  Multiple weird events surround this case, and everything is mixed up and complex.

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According to the officials, they have collected all the evidence needed so that now, they know everything.  From the car’s ‘’black box’’ they could find out the leading cause for Tiger’s crash!

Moreover, the police keep all the evidence private because they need Tiger’s allowance to share any information. covered the story.

”We still don’t know the details about what occurred on the morning of Feb. 23. And detectives will keep the truth a secret due to unspecified privacy concerns for the 15-time champion.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva said investigators need permission from Woods to release information about the crash, per ESPN. The sheriff’s department later released a statement on Twitter citing they must follow “California Vehicle Code Section 20012” when dealing with the release of accident reports.
Woods reportedly told deputies he did not know how the crash occurred.

He also said he didn’t even remember driving.

Although investigators did not seek a search warrant to obtain blood samples from Woods, they did obtain one for the data recorder (commonly known as a black box) in his vehicle.

“We have all the contents of the black box; we’ve got everything,” Villanueva said. “It’s completed, signed, sealed, and delivered. However, we can’t release it without the permission of the people involved in the collision.””

We can conclude that no skid marks were at the crime scene from our sources, and Tiger didn’t even try to press the brakes.

Also, the experts claim Tiger fell asleep at the wheel, or maybe there was some other distractor that happened.
Mitch Albon, a sports columnist, developed his theory about the car crash case. According to him, Tiger receives ‘’special treatment.’’

Besides, if we were at Tiger’s place, the information would be shared publicly, and the officials wouldn’t even ask us.

Because Tiger was the only passenger and hurt from the incident, the officials don’t want to carry on with the investigation.

From the audio recording, you may understand something else. Tiger discussion starts at the 41.47 mark.

Until today, Tiger’s team hasn’t responded to any request for publishing the information. However, they obtained the police report and the evidence in hand.


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