Unexpected Deaths Are Still Rising! At Least 11 Vacationers Died On Italian Beaches Within One Day!

We are at the peak of the travel season, and people are preparing to get the third or the fourth experimental shot against the C-19 virus.

But the number of sudden and unexpected deaths is still rising.

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In Italy, the world’s most popular summer destination, vacationers fall like flies from ‘’sudden and unexpected’’ medical experiences.

Beachgoers are collapsing worldwide; even children suffer cardiac arrest and die. RAIR Foundation reported:

Blogger Tom Stahl reports, “At the beginning of July, in just 24 hours,  at least 11 vacationers dropped dead on Italian beaches.” How many more cases occurred that have not been reported in the news?

As of July 2022, almost 48.7 million people in Italy have received two doses of the controversial Covid “vaccines,” roughly 90.1 percent of the total population over 12 years of age. Additionally, three out of four Italians have also received the booster shot.

While Stahl makes it clear that he does not want to automatically attribute the sudden and unexpected deaths to the experimental gene injections, the amounts of incidents seem worrying.

These are a handful of the medical emergencies on Italian beaches:

  • The coast of Fondi, Italy: “On July 4, 2022, on the coast of Fondi: a healthy 70-year-old man walking on the beach with his wife at around 5 pm dropped dead.”
  • Beach of GradoItaly: “On July 4, 2022, on the beach of Grado, an 85-year-old woman died. The woman felt ill while she was walking on the beach. The lifeguards and emergency services intervened immediately, but despite their attempts to revive the woman, there was nothing they could do. The couple had been on vacation in Grado since last weekend.”
  • Campania, Italy: “On July 2, 2022, a healthy 67-year-old woman dropped dead on the shores of Campania. Two other people were saved after suffering sudden medical emergencies. The same day on Patrizia beach, rescuers were able to save 20-year-old suffering from respiratory arrest.”

From RAIR Foundation:

The death list continues to grow

Meanwhile, the list of “unexplained deaths” and “sudden deaths”continues inexorably. This phenomenon is so common it even has its own acronym: SADS, for Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

While Italians prepare for their fourth Covid “vaccine” injections, the count of sudden deaths continues to rise inexorably – 11 under 60 years old in the last hours. The youngest victim was 22 years old; another was a 52-year-old doctor. All the deaths were “sudden and unexpected”:

  • 52-year-old Doctor Pier Giorgio Paesano died
  • 42-year-old Eligio Greco died
  • 45-year-old Guardia Mangano died
  • 59-year-old Giuseppe Bottani died
  • 51-year-old Rachid Khlifa died
  • 22-year-old Guardia Mangano dead
  • 59-years-old Giuseppe Bottani dead
  • 63-year-old man dead
  • 53-year-old man dead
  • 48-year-old man, Danny, dead
  • 33-years-old Mauro Libralesso dead
  • 30-year-old from Varese, Mattia dead

To read further details, visit Eventi Avversi.

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