Undercover Students Find Out Colorado High School Vaccine Clinic For Application Of Shots Without Parental Consent! After School Assured This Wouldn’t Happen!

This Monday, an independent journalist exposed another problem in the US Public School System. Now they shared a damning thread that includes two undercover videos by a high school student, showing Colorado High School’s mobile vaccine clinic where underage children receive the C-19 shot without parental consent.

The incident happened last Friday at s Tri-County Health Department-sponsored C-19 vaccine clinic that was held at Heritage High School, Denver, Colorado.

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In two videos, we can see a teenager at 15 ad 16, employees of the mobile clinic signing them in and telling them to get the jab, even though it is something that the school had assured parents wouldn’t happen.

One day before the clinic was held, Littleton Public Schools Superintendent Brian Ewert responded to the parental concerns by saying that “students under the age of 18 cannot get a vaccination without parental permission and they must have a parent or legal guardian present with them to sign consent.”

The policy was required for all doses, he answered in the email response to the parent who asked the planned clinic at the school to be immediately canceled.

That was everything from the bogus promise!

The employees of the clinic wanted the children to get fully vaccinated even though they were underage and their parents didn’t allow it.

Other underage students wanted to get the vaccine, so they got fake consent, and the employees accepted that.
The students had a job to do, and that was to expose the medical workers for what they are! The teenagers bailed on the operation once they sat down with the nurse, saying they had changed their minds about taking the vaccine.

Watch this first video.

This is the second video:

Parents are furious about this incident, and one father of the students who took the video stated that Ewert is on notice for his lies.

“Superintendent Ewert is wrong and is now on notice of that. The two teenage children had no parents present and no parental consent. They did not use their real names or real personal information. No identification was required. Their parents were not asked whether they had any pre-existing conditions that could cause an adverse effect. The minor children with no parents present and no identifications to confirm their age were readily offered the shots and encouraged to get them,” the boy’s father wrote.

This subversion of parental rights is more common. This is only the latest example that has been exposed.

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