Undercover Scientist Warns People Against Getting Company’s Vaccine The plan to Force People to Take it is Revealed in a Video

A vaccination company employee named Justin Durant is seen in a Project Veritas undercover video refusing to recommend that Americans acquire his company’s vaccine.

He said, “Don’t get the Johnson & Johnson [COVID vaccine], I didn’t tell you.” “He requested that the Veritas journalist keep that information confidential.”

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Brandon Schadt, for example, stated that youngsters “shouldn’t have to get a f*cking [COVID] vaccine.”

Durrant says, “It wouldn’t make that much of a difference.” The footage was shared on Twitter and is available to watch below.

According to Project Veritas, “one of the disclosed J&J workers, a scientist by the name of Justin Durrant, chuckles about inconveniencing unvaccinated adults if they fail to comply with regulations foisted upon them.” It included a transcript of the undercover video’s contents.

“Inconvenience [the unvaccinated] to the point where it’s like, ‘I might as well just f*cking do it [and take the COVID vaccination],’ you know what I mean?” says Justin Durrant, a Johnson & Johnson scientist. Like, ‘I can’t go out of state,’ or’my grandmother lives in Canada, and I can’t see her,’ you know what I’m talking about? You can’t go to France unless you’ve had your vaccinations – you just have to keep doing what you’re doing.

Veritas Journalist: “You’re almost what?”

Durrant: “Like a second-grade citizen, like you can’t do anything that a normal citizen can do.”

Veritas Journalist: “A second graded citizen?”

Durrant: “Yeah like top grade, like the ones that get it, and the ones that just like — then you can’t do sh*t.”

Veritas Journalist: “So then how do we punish [the unvaccinated]?”

Durrant: “I mean if you can’t work, I feel like that’s punishment enough.”

Veritas Journalist: “People what?”

Durrant: “Only way people really act and comply is if it affects their pockets, like if you’re working for a big company and you’re going to lose your job, best believe you’ll be the first one in line [to take the COVID vaccine].”

Veritas Journalist: “Right, so if you’re working for a big company and you’re about to lose your job, you’ll be the first one in line?”

Durrant: “Yeah.”

Veritas Journalist: “That’s so true. That’s smart, that’s what we need to do.”

Durrant: “That’s what we’re doing.”

“Both Durrant and Brandon Schadt, J&J’s Regional Business Lead, said that applying the COVID vaccine on children would not move the needle in the battle against the pandemic,” Veritas went on.

“It wouldn’t make that much of a difference” if children are unvaccinated for COVID, Durrant said.

“You just don’t do that with a youngster, you know? Not something with so many unknowns in terms of long-term consequences, you know?” Schadt added his two cents.

“It’s a kid, you know? It’s a f*cking kid. You know, they shouldn’t have to receive a f*cking [COVID] vaccine.”

According to Veritas, “Schadt compared J&J’s COVID vaccine efficacy against that of other pharmaceutical companies.”

“Entering inside J&J is like stepping into the best-smelling pile of sh*t you could possibly step into,” he remarked.


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