UNBELIEVABLE: Georgia Voter Rolls to be Cleared of 100,000 Names

I only have one question.

How many of these persons cast ballots in the most recent election?

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Raffensperger, Kemp, and others assured us that these elections were the safest and most secure in history. Of course, we all knew this was a bold-faced falsehood, but now the proof is pouring in.

The voter rolls had to be cleared of 100,000 persons. At the same moment, I want to laugh and cry.

Tears would be shed for the country, and laughter would be elicited by the ridiculousness of it all.

How can we accept that a state that was narrowly won by 12,000 votes experienced no fraud when it had 100,000 invalid voters on its rolls at the same time?

What a ludicrous stateman that is.

We’re not talking about 500, 1,000, or even 10,000 people here. We’re talking about 100,000 names that may have been utilized to cast illegitimate votes.

I’ve said it before, but the one unfounded conspiracy theory here is that Democrats will not cheat in the 2020 elections.

Here’s what we know right now:

According to CNN:

Georgia’s secretary of state announced Friday that more than 100,000 names will be removed from the state’s voter registration lists in an effort to keep the state’s voter files “up to date.”

Republican Brad Raffensperger said, “Making sure Georgia’s voter rolls are up to date is critical to maintaining the integrity of our elections.” “There is no justification for keeping ineligible voters on the rolls.”

According to the statement, the voter data being purged are “obsolete and outdated,” and Raffensperger has “made it a priority to continue with the list maintenance process” since the 2020 election.

Following President Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia, a flurry of new voting restrictions were imposed in Republican-led states, with Georgia becoming the first presidential battleground to do so.

Voting rights organizations sued the state two years ago for what they dubbed a voter purge.

Thousands of voters were improperly listed for removal in 2019, according to Gerald Griggs of the Atlanta NAACP, and he fears it will happen again.

“We have lawyers on standby, and I am on standby as well, just in case we need to launch a lawsuit.” So we’ll keep an eye on it and respond if we believe votes have been disenfranchised,” Griggs explained.

Georgia has joined the nonpartisan Electronic Registration Information Center for the first time this year, joining 30 other states.

According to Raffensperger, the new technology will allow them to amend people’s registration status in the future.


Margaret Taylor

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