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The statements emerging from Ukraine’s political leadership are the great grist for a superb comedy show. But, tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers are killed and wounded. The suffering stops the people from chuckling over the craziness shared by Zelensky and his allies.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov stated: ‘’Ukraine is massing a million-strong fighting force equipped with western weapons to recover its southern territory from Russia . . . . Retaking the areas around the Black Sea coast was vital to the country’s economy.’’

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The UK’s Daily Mail reported:

Like many of his male friends, Serhiy no longer leaves his home in western Ukraine for fear of being sent to the front line to replace soldiers killed or injured in the fight against Russia.

The construction worker spends his days hiding from military officials serving call-up papers at bars, beaches, checkpoints, malls, and even church services.

As casualties mounted on both sides, there was anger last week after Ukraine’s military revealed plans to bring in permits prohibiting men eligible for conscription from leaving the region where they are registered under martial law.

This restriction of movement for men aged 18 to 60 was criticized by President Volodymyr Zelensky and revoked, but it highlights the struggle for a nation suffering more than 20,000 casualties a month – officials admit up to 200 troops are killed and 800 wounded daily.

The shocking thing about the report is the confession by the Ukrainian officials that they suffer losses of 200kia and 800 wia daily. Two hundred per day times 120 days is at least 24,000 dead. There are more than 96,000 wounded. The actual number is much higher.

The Russian MOD shared that it killed over 300 Ukrainians in Donetsk and 250 in Kharkov. Russia also reported that 70% of the 25th Air Assault Brigade had been completely destroyed, approximately 1400 to 2800 soldiers.
Furthermore, the material losses are enormous. At the beginning of the war, Ukraine had 166 helicopters, and

Russia was reported to have destroyed 137 as of July 11. Aircraft losses are grim. Ukraine listed 181 aircraft in its Air Force, and Russia claims it has downed 243 planes. Among these planes are those airframes sent by NATO allies.

In conclusion, we see that Ukraine doesn’t have a functional Air Force left to carry out combat missions in support of a ground offensive.

Ukraine doesn’t have a million-man ground force to launch an offensive against Russian positions in Crimea.

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