UKHSA Released Data Showing The Majority Of C-19 Deaths In England Are Among The Vaccinated!!!

The governments, unelected advisors, and the MSM constantly lied to the public. All that these people are telling you are lies! You cannot trust them. They say that the world faces a pandemic of the unvaccinated, but, in reality, we are living the pandemic of the vaccinated!

The lies are exposed! Look at Australia; they are locking the unvaccinated population and releasing the vaccinated population to spread the virus among themselves!

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PHS released a weekly report on coronavirus statistics covering data on resting, vaccination, cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. In July, we told you that PHS manipulated the numbers to fool the public into believing that most of the death number was among the unvaccinated population, giving fake data.

We uncovered the truth, and now the public knows that PHS lied. They coincidentally reverted to publishing the total number of C-19 deaths over four weeks, and not thanks to the much data we can reach; they cannot lie us anymore.

For our analysis, we took data from the following PHS C-19 statistical reports:

The UKHSA shared the latest coronavirus vaccine surveillance report, and we can conclude that most positive cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are among the vaccinated population.

From table 5, you can see that people at 50 and older have more deaths within 28 days of the c-19 positive test were reported after getting the second shot and after 14 days before specimen date.

People from 50 to 80+ were fully vaccinated, England marked 2.823 vaccinated deaths, and 587 were unvaccinated. The majority of dead people were 80+.

This chart shows that people at 50 and older have more deaths in the first 60 days of positive coronavirus test were marked after getting the second dose or after 14 days before specimen date. A total of 3.347 deaths were reported from the vaccinated deaths, and 675 were unvaccinated. People who died were vulnerable.

From the data from 42 to 45, we can notice that the high-risk age bracket still has the highest deaths number, fully vaccinated.

From the table below, you can see the unadjusted rates of C-19 infection, hospitalization, and death in a vaccinated and unvaccinated population.

Below you can read how they interpreted the numbers: 

These data should be considered in the context of the vaccination status of the population groups shown in the rest of this report. In the context of very high vaccine coverage in the population, even with a highly effective vaccine, it is expected that a large proportion of cases, hospitalisations and deaths would occur in vaccinated individuals, simply because a larger proportion of the population are vaccinated than unvaccinated and no vaccine is 100% effective. This is especially true because vaccination has been prioritised in individuals who are more susceptible or more at risk of severe disease. Individuals in risk groups may also be more at risk of hospitalisation or death due to non-COVID-19 causes, and thus may be hospitalised or die with COVID-19 rather than from COVID-19.

The vaccination status of cases, inpatients and deaths should not be used to assess vaccine effectiveness because of differences in risk, behaviour and testing in the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. The case rates in the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations are crude rates that do not take into account underlying statistical biases in the data. There are likely to be systematic differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, for example:

  • people who are fully vaccinated may be more health conscious and therefore more likely to get tested for COVID-19 and so more likely to be identified as a case (based on the data provided by the NHS Test and Trace)
  • many of those who were at the head of the queue for vaccination are those at higher risk from COVID-19 due to their age, their occupation, their family circumstances or because of underlying health issues
  • people who are fully vaccinated and people who are unvaccinated may behave differently, particularly with regard to social interactions and therefore may have differing levels of exposure to COVID-19
  • people who have never been vaccinated are more likely to have caught COVID-19 in the weeks or months before the period of the cases covered in the report. This gives them some natural immunity to the virus for a few months which may have contributed to a lower case rate in the past few weeks.

These biases become more evident as more people are vaccinated and the differences between the vaccinated and unvaccinated population become systematically different in ways that are not accounted for without undertaken formal analysis of vaccine effectiveness. Vaccine effectiveness has been formally estimated from a number of different sources and is described on pages 5 to 8 in this report.

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