UK Government Doesn’t Want To Publish C-19 Data Because It Reveals Boosted People Have AIDS And Double Vaccinated Suffer ADE!

The UK Health Security Agency refused to share any other data on C-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths by vaccination, because it would prove that the boosted population developed AIDS, and the double vaccinated suffered Antibody-dependent enhancement.

In October 2021, the Expose revealed that UKHSA data showed that the C-19 vaccines have real-world effectiveness against infection of -109%.

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The UKHSA wanted to emphasize the reports that say ‘case rates among vaccinated and unvaccinated populations should not be used to estimate vaccine effectiveness against COVID-19 infection. ‘

It was done as a response to one report because they couldn’t use their data to show that the C-19 vaccines were effective. However, it’s clear that the C-19 vaccine having 95% effectiveness was false.

The UKHSA stated that it happened because the UK Government has ended free universal C-19 testing, and it affects their ability to monitor C-19 vases by vaccination status.

This can’t explain why there can’t share the data on C-19 hospitalizations and deaths. If someone is hospitalized with C-19, the doctors will know that. There’s a good reason why their excuse falls short, and it’s because they are lying.

The Evidence!

According to the UKHSA, the vaccine effectiveness wanes over time; that’s why we have to take the booster shot.

It’s a lie, and the vaccine effectiveness doesn’t wane! But. The immune system performance does.

Vaccine effectiveness isn’t a measure of the vaccine but of the vaccine recipients’ immune system performance compared to the immune system of an unvaccinated person.

The shots should help you develop immunity by imitating an infection, and once the imitation infection induced by the shot goes away, the body has memory t-cells and antibodies that will remember how to fight the illness in the future.

Vaccine effectiveness of -50% means that the vaccinated immune system performs at a worse rate than the natural immune system. It means the C-19 vaccines have completely damaged the immune system.

Check out this table; it shows the number of cases by vaccination status between week nine and week 12 of 2022.

We can see that the triple vaccinated have accounted for the majority of C-19 vases in every age group by an extremely concerning amount, except for the under 18s.

In these four weeks, the highest number of cases were among the triple vaccinated age group 50-59.

See this table; it shows the case rates per 100,000 individuals by vaccination status in the vaccine surveillance reports.

‘’ As you can see from the above, the case rates per 100k have been highest among the triple vaccinated population over these 3 months, except for the 18-29-year-olds in the week 3 report only, and the under 18’s in all three months.

However, it is worth noting the rapid decline in rates among unvaccinated children compared to the small decline in rates among vaccinated children. This suggests that the case rate will be highest among triple-jabbed kids in just a few weeks. But now we’ll never know because the UKHSA is hiding it.’’ The daily expose reported.

Here’s the formula for a simple vaccine effectiveness formula to calculate the vaccine effectiveness among the triple vaccinated.

Unvaccinated Case Rate – Vaccinated Case Rate / Unvaccinated Case Rate x 100

This chart showed the C-19 vaccine effectiveness among the triple vaccinated population in England in Week 3, Week 7, and Week 13:

This is nowhere near the claimed 95% effectiveness by Pfizer, is it?

Vaccine effectiveness isn’t a measure of a vaccine; it measures the vaccine recipient’s immune system performance compared to the immune system performance of an unvaccinated person.

Here are the formulas:

Positive Immune System Performance = Unvaccinated Case Rate – Vaccinated Case Rate / Unvaccinated Case Rate x 100

Negative Immune System Performance = Unvaccinated Case Rate – Vaccinated Case Rate / Vaccinated Case Rate x 100

Check this out:

The lowest immune system performance is among 60-69-year-old at a shocking -80%, but all triple vaccinated people at the age of 30 to 59 aren’t far behind, with an immune system performance ranging from -75% to minus 76%. Even the 18 to 29-year-olds are within this region at-70%, falling from an immune system performance of +11.35%.

AIDS is the same name used to describe a number of potentially life-threatening infections and illnesses that happen when your immune system has been severely damaged.

‘’ If that immune system performance was to hit around the -95% mark, then this would strongly suggest the triple vaccinated population has developed some new form of Covid-19 vaccine-induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and unfortunately, based on the current trend seen over the past three months, the youngest age groups do not have long to wait.

But we won’t be able to officially confirm it because the UK Health Security Agency has decided to sweep it under the carpet and hide the official data.

That isn’t the only terrible outcome that the UKHSA is attempting to conceal, though. Because UKHSA data also suggests the double vaccinated are suffering Antibody-Dependent Enhancement.’’ Daily Expose.

Antibody-Dependent Enhancement!

The UKHSA has attempted to hide the revelation since the turn of the year. It was the same time when they decided to stop publishing the rates per 100,000 for the double jabbed and only publish the rates for the triple jabbed.

‘’ Questions were raised at the time as to why the UKHSA decided to stop publishing the rates for the double vaccinated, mainly because in the weeks prior, they were beginning to look terrible for the double vaccinated population. But, as is usually the case, the UKHSA never provided a reason.

However, the UKHSA produces a separate report containing the overall population size by age group and vaccination status, meaning we can take these figures and actually calculate the case, hospitalization and death rates per 100,000 among the double vaccinated ourselves.’’ The daily expose reported.

Check these charts too:


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