UK Government Claims Vaccinated Develop AIS, And Immune System Decline Has Begun In Kids!

The Vaccine Surveillance reports shared by the UK Health Security Agency of all complete genome sequenced UK Delta coronavirus cases show the vaccines’ damage to the immune system in fully vaccinated individuals.

You can see a weekly decline in vaccinated immune system performance compared to the unvaccinated population.

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Pfizer’s vaccine effectiveness formula, Unvaccinated case rate per 100k – Fully Vaccinated case rate per 100k / the Larger of Unvaccinated or Vaccinated case rate

Vaccine effectiveness of +50% means that the vaccinated population is 50% more protected than the unvaccinated population.

Vaccine effectiveness of -50% means that the unvaccinated are more protected than the vaccinated population.

And a vaccine efficacy of 0% means that the vaccinated and unvaccinated have the same protection against the virus, meaning the vaccines have lost their effectiveness.

The latest numbers showed a slowing down in degradation last week, but the children have started to suffer immune system degradation. The figures have increased because more children from 12 to 15 are included in the cohort. After all, Chris Whitty overruled the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization.

People older than 80 saw the most significant improvement from the boosters. The boosters are the same as the vaccines.

The concern is that C-19 immunity may be improved for a couple of months. The general immunity will start to degrade even faster than it would have done had the booster not been taken.

Among the population from 70 to 79 years, there is a slowdown in the degradation because the boosters improve the C-19 response. Maybe it is happening because other people take boosters too. The risk-benefit analysis for these shots is the risk detriment analysis for people older than 30.

Latest Projections

People older than 30 will have lost their immunity after 18 weeks.

A fully vaccinated population from 30 to 49-year-olds will lose their immunity completely by January. Then, these people won’t have any immunity against C-19. How much of the immune system is involved in defense against C-19?

In the worst scenario, they will develop completely blown acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and destroy the NHS.

“In individuals aged greater than 30, the rate of positive COVID-19 test is higher in vaccinated individuals compared to unvaccinated”. – PHE Vaccine Surveillance Report for week 41.

“There is the potential for ADE, but the bigger problem is probably Th2 immunopathology,” says Ralph Baric, an epidemiologist and expert in coronaviruses—named for the crown-shaped spike they use to enter human cells—at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

In previous studies of SARS, aged mice were found to have particularly high risks of life-threatening Th2 immunopathology in which a faulty T cell response triggers allergic inflammation and poorly functional antibodies that form immune complexes, activating the complement system and potentially damaging the airways.”.

Baric expresses his concern about what that might mean for using a COVID-19 vaccine in elderly people. “Of course, the elderly are our most vulnerable population,” he adds. – (the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA)

The passage is critical because it relates to an immune deficiency in killer T cells.

Dr. Baric knows this because, on April 19, 2002, the University of North Carolina filed the US patent 7279327 for an infectious replication-defective coronavirus, claiming priority from US28531801P. Inventors were: Kristopher M. Curtis, Boyd Yount, Ralph S. Baric.

Dr. Ryan Cole saw this, and he has done more than 100,000 pathology laboratory examinations for C-19 positive patients. This doctor concluded that he found AIDS.

The immune system degradation will be caused by ADE, and are specific to C-19, and could result in the development of AIDS. The claim that the three shots worked in Israel shows that the vaccine antibodies have a protective effect right after vaccination.

The decline of vaccine efficacy goes to zero and continues negatively. Then, it is dangerously negative until the vaccine destroys the immune system by the end of January.

HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – There have been case studies showing people are experiencing recurrences or outbreaks of shingles after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Local doctors say that it is rare and not necessarily caused by the vaccine.

“I’ve seen a lot of shingles recently, but I haven’t seen it associated with the vaccine personally. That’s my personal experience,” Dr. Jennifer Derby, a family physician with Sentara RMH, said. (2021October15)

The booster shots have the same effects as the vaccines because the trials need forever to be approved for something different. We told you above that you will get a faster progressive form of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome if you get the booster shot.

We see that the vaccinated case numbers are double than the unvaccinated for 100K people, and the tables are red. It means that the vaccine hasn’t lost their efficacy, and they haven’t stopped working. Yes, they are working against the immune system. They are damaging it.

The vaccines give people mediated immune deficiency, which suggests that the vaccines give people AIDS.

Table 2. COVID-19 Cases by Vaccination Status

Individuals over 30 will have lost their immune capability within six months. 30-50-year-old people will have lost that capability until Christmas.

Cases reported by specimen date between week 32 and week 35 2021 –

Cases reported by specimen date between week 33 and week 36 2021 –


Cases reported by specimen date between week 34 and week 37 2021 –

Cases reported by specimen date between week 35 and week 38 2021 –

Cases reported by specimen date between week 36 and week 39 2021 –

Choosing your Formula

If you are 40 and older and fully vaccinated, your immune system is degraded by 55.4%.

PHE death rates verses ONS death rates

A massive immunological contradiction between the PHE case rates is noticed, which crudely speaking shows that the vaccinated population is exposed to risk to get infected as unvaccinated, whereas the PHE death rates show that the unvaccinated are 3 to 6 times more likely to die.

This was also confirmed by Dr Fauci earlier this year –

“What we learned that’s new … is that when you look at the level of virus in the nasopharynx of people who are vaccinated who get breakthrough infections, it’s really quite high and equivalent to the level of virus in the nasopharynx of unvaccinated people who get infected,” Fauci said in an interview with CBS News’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday. The nasopharynx is part of the nasal cavity near the back of the throat

We all know that vaccines are less effective, and the harmful effects are predominant than their benefits. They should be altering how it responds upon recognition. The vaccine doesn’t do that.

Week 26 was 2021 June 28th -July 4th. Below is the mortality rate for those who had received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine for the first half of 2021 –

The effect of the Pfizer Vaccine on the blood

Dr. Richard Fleming collaborated with Prof. Luc Montagnier and filed a case in the Hague with Holocaust survivors on breaches of the Nuremberg Code by the Government worldwide, forcing the people to get the vaccines.

If you only see vaccinated blood under a microscope, you will realize what the vaccine does to the blood.

Take a look at the video below, and you will understand everything.

If the jab does hit the muscle then the above happens more slowly.

Now you can decide if you still want to get jabbed or not!


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