U.S. Navy Sent Help To The Suez Canal To Set “EVERGREEN” Free

Defense officials confirmed that the U.S. Navy sent a team to assist in the Suez Canal action. The team will arrive on Saturday!

The nearly quarter-mile-long MV Ever Given pass through the Suez Canal’s entire width on Wednesday. Precisely this ship collected the audience’s full attention because it blocked the whole trade passage, which is crucial for trade routes.

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Due to the blockage, the story went viral.

Regarding the Suez Canal Authorities’ statement, the ship lost control because of a gale-force sand storm. It resulted in the giant vessel wedging diagonally, blocking the passage from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea!

The shipping company is based in Taiwan called “Evergreen,” and they confirmed: “gusting winds of 30 knots caused the container ship to deviate from its course.”

Resulting from the crucial trade passage blockage, enterprises face “catastrophic” delays in the food and other numerous goods’ delivery. Because of this disaster, the U.S. military sent their teams for additional help.
The Egyptian authorities accepted the help and hope that the problem will come to a solution.

“The Biden administration is tracking the situation closely. As part of our active dialogue with Egypt, we have offered U.S. assistance to Egyptian authorities to help re-open the canal. We are consulting with our Egyptian partners about how we can best support their efforts,”

Jen Psaki, White House Press secretary, informed that the Biden administration observe the situation, and there is a potential impact on energy markets. Also, Jen Psaki consulted with the Egyptian partners about finding the solution for the case together.

In their statement, the Suez Canal Authorities said: “In connection with the ongoing efforts to dislodge the container ship that ran aground during its passage through the Suez Canal, the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) values the offer of the United States of America to contribute to these efforts,”

“And looks forward to cooperating with the U.S. in this regard in appreciation of this good initiative which confirms the friendly relations and cooperation between the two countries.”

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