TX Man Not Charged For Shooting Death Of Girlfriend’s Ex-Husband In An Confrontation On Front Porch! [WATCH]

Rittenhouse was the case that showed us that we have the right to use a weapon to protect ourselves from others when they are threatening our life.

100% Fed Up reported that in Lubbock, TX, one event will be headed to the courts after a deadly November confrontation between a boyfriend of a mother her ex-husband with whom she shared custody of their child turned deadly on the front porch of the boyfriend’s home.

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Video has been taken from two different points of the argument between two men. Everything happened on the front porch of Carruth’s home once Read tried to wrestle for the gun.

The Daily Mail reported:

The footage, captured by Jennifer Read from a car parked on the street outside Kyle Carruth’s South Lubbock home, shows Chad Read arguing with his ex-wife and Carruth.

Kyle Carruth – wearing a black top and jeans – is heard telling Chad Read to ‘get off of my property. Chad Read, who is wearing a teal top and jeans, gesticulates with his arms as Carruth turns around to go inside the house.

Chad Read turns around and continues talking to Christina Read, telling her that he wants his son, who he was supposed to have custody of from 3:15 p.m that day, according to Jennifer Read in an affidavit filed after the incident.

‘I’m supposed to have him at 3.15,’ Chad Read is heard saying to Christina Read. ‘But you’re playing games telling me that I have to pick him up at six?’

The pair continue arguing, with Chad Read suggesting that his son is probably at his ex-wife’s mother’s house. Christina Read is heard telling him that she wanted to see him, to which Chad Read says: ‘I don’t care if you wanted to see him or not.

‘I get him at 3:15. If you want to see him, you can see him up until 3.15. You keep trying to keep my son from me; I’m going to drag you, and Ann-Marie, and everybody else into court.’

Carruth is then shown re-emerging from the house holding a firearm, which he’s holding down by his side, shouting ‘leave’ at Chad Read.

Chad Read is heard shouting back: ‘Use it, mother f***er,’ and squaring up to Carruth, threatening to take the gun from him.

Now face-to-face, Carruth fires one shot into the floor at the pair’s feet, which does not appear to deter Chad Read, who continues to push against Carruth.

Suddenly, Carruth jumps back away from the porch, raises the rifle, and fires two shots at Chad Read, who slumps to the floor.

Carruth walks back to the porch and turns around to face the camera. Still holding the gun, he wags his finger as Jennifer Read is heard saying, ‘I have it on video Kyle.’

‘I told all of y’all to leave,’ Carruth is heard saying, telling her that his son is not at the house. ‘None of y’all should be here; I asked you to leave. I did everything. I did not want to do any of this,’ he says.


KCBD reported that Guinn stated Carruth has a valid defense under the Castle Doctrine, “to defend himself, others or his property,” and also, they are looking forward to the AG’s office investigating and presenting the case to the grand jury.

“Everyone wishes there could have been an alternative solution, and it would never have happened. It’s affecting him too,” Guinn stated. “You know, we’re thinking about that poor 11-year-old stepson. And he’s just a kid stuck in the backseat of Chad Read’s truck, and Chad chose to drive out to the seven and a half-acre property. You know, it’s still playing through Kyle’s mind. And that is not an easy memory for anyone, even if, just because it’s legally right, doesn’t mean it’s not without psychological and practical consequence.”

Here’s the second video:

What do you think? What will be the outcome?

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