Two Texas Kids Got Pfizer Dose That Equals To 3X Recommended Dosage!

Two children from Garland, Texas got the Pfizer vaccine during the past weekend got a dose of Pfizer vaccine at a pop-up vaccination clinic at a local church.

The vaccines weren’t approved for children at that time, and the two brothers received dosages three times the recommended amount.

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The story appeared as a massive onslaught in being launched by the Biden Regime to demolish the individual liberties of parents who make their own children’s health decisions.

Dems label them fascists!

Do they even know what fascism is?

It is Government and gigantic pharmaceutical corporations conspiring together to create a serum for profit endangering the liberty of the people.

CBS 11 reported:

It’s not uncommon to see vaccination opportunities at events around North Texas, but this weekend in Garland, a Trunk or Treat went very wrong.

Now, a family wants answers. Their 6-year-old son, and a neighbor’s 7-years-old son mistakenly received adult doses of the COVID-19 vaccine at a pop up clinic run by the City of Garland’s health department.

It happened Sunday, Oct. 31 at Mount Hebron Missionary Baptist Church when nurses running the clinic recommended the shot to the families of the two boys, claiming that they were eligible.

The families were then given a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine consent form, indicating the same.

Though on Sunday, the vaccine had yet to be approved by the CDC for children aged 5-11.

“They asked us our kids ages, and so we told them 4 and 6, and they said ‘the 6-year-old can obviously get it if you’d like to go ahead and do that,’ said Julian Gonzalez, the parent of the 6-year-old.

“Going off their confidence and what we read [on the form] we were all for it,” he said.

It wasn’t until Monday that the Gonzalez family, and the family of the 7-year-old, received a call from the Garland Health Department letting them know not only were the two boys not supposed to get the vaccine, but that they each received adult doses three times the recommended amount.

“We found out after the fact that the vials for the children’s vaccine should have been different, the needles should have been different…it should have been labeled specifically for kids so…where did that decision come from? Who was it that told them they could go ahead and offer it?” Gonzalez said.

The New York Post shared an article on October 26, reporting;

An FDA advisory panel Tuesday approved Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11, setting the stage for the kiddie group to start getting jabs as early as next week.

The approval was the first regulatory hurdle for the immunization for the age group.

The federal Food and Drug Administration must now consider formal approval of the shot, and if the agency OKs it as expected, an advisory panel with the CDC will consider it Nov. 2.

Take a look at the video below:

He is calmer than we expected. Huff Post reported:

Pfizer says the vaccine is 90.7% effective in preventing COVID-19. Though adults receive two 30-microgram doses, children’s doses will be only 10 micrograms.

Like the adult version, Pfizer’s pediatric vaccine is a two-dose regimen administered three weeks apart. It is also reported to have similar side effects, including fatigue, headache, muscle pain and chills.

It’s a terrible mistake, and his father has the right to know the answers. Who decided to move forward with those events? Who is guilty of this?

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