Two Cops Fired For Providing Private Security For Advocate Cori Bush

Just to remind you, Cori Bush is the “defund the police” advocate. And I guess, she’s really making sure that the police is defunded, right?

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The radical Missouri Rep. Cori Bush hired two police officers privately and got them jobless with this act. And, speaking about another proof of the hypocrisy of the Dirty Dems… She’s fighting for the people to be left without police attendance, while the “exclusive American elite” can buy theirs!!!

Nancy Pelosi can get her hair done because she is Liberal Elite, Obama can throw huge maskless parties because he is Liberal Elite, Gavin Newsom can dine in a restaurant because he’s a Liberal Elite…

I feel squashed, but I will rise with more fury than ever!

According to the Bizpacreview report,

“While Bush was touring St. Louis’s jails last April with her two moonlighting hires, the trio was spotted by Betts, according to local station KMOV.

Betts said he was surprised to see the two security guards because they also worked for him. The sheriff [said] Jackson and Thompson violated policy by not getting approval to work a secondary shift as security guards.

The two reportedly also lacked private security licenses. As such, they were told by Betts to stop moonlighting as Bush’s private security guards, but two weeks later he got word that they were still at it. And so with no other option, he fired them.

The two are now reportedly suing on the grounds that their termination was “unfair and unjust.”

Watch the video below:


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