Twitter User Asks Bill Gates a Question We’d All Like an Answer To

Bill Gates often seems to chime in with his thoughts and suggestions whenever there’s a major medical event, and they’re typically pretty weird.

Bill Gates is not a doctor, just to be clear. He isn’t a scientist, either.

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Despite this, he’s been offering some commentary on the COVID-19 pandemic, and his recent comments that the next pandemic will be “ten times worse” have one Twitter user asking a poignant question about Mr. Gates.

This is probably the best question about this creepy ghoul you’ll ever hear…

and we’d all like a response…

Take a look:

“Bill Gates recently stated that the next pandemic could be ten times worse than the last. “How does he still know what’s going to happen?” I wonder.

Here are some of the comments on the tweet:

“Gain of function Lab4 bioweapons from greedy Profiteer bill gates”

“Because him & his globalists buddies are sitting around planning the future of the world. It’s been going on for a long time. In the grand scheme of things, he’s a new comer to the NWO party. If they have their way, the next 9 yrs is going to make the last 4 look like a picnic.”

“Because it’s to his best interest for it to be worse he is vested in the companies that supply the meds”

“Of course it will be worse. THAT’S HOW HE PLANNED IT!”

“I was also surprised to see him explaining the need for huge medical and vaccine infrastructure before this pandemic. How can he see the future !!”

“Indeed. He part of it. They’re talking about a possible food storage. Gates in buying thousands of acres of land. He’ll plant soy beans. Next thing you know vaccinated people will be able to get soy based food products.”


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