Tump-Hater Unintentionally Sinks Fox News With This Comment

Right now, Fox News is having a very tough go, and things are not getting better at all.

Currently, they’re getting a helluva lot worse.

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But they encourage these anti-Trump TDS hosts to run off in the ass and say some of the stupidest things you’ve ever heard instead of trying to address the desperate situation and get at least some of their base back.

“That’s exactly what happened to Trump-hater Jedediah Bila when she thought it would be a brilliant idea to give President Trump a “warning” about his upcoming CPAC address… Jedediah obviously thinks she knows best how President Trump can speak… and she’s still parroting leftist talking points, depicting President Trump as some “insurrectionist,” which he’s not.

The time and the story’s end.

The entire world isn’t waiting to hear what a D-list #NeverTrumper has to say on pins and needles, and the more these Fox News traitors talk, the worse it’s going to be for them and Fox.

Like Jedediah, these false Republicans are just so incredibly full of themselves and clueless.

Jedediah Bila warned on Sunday’s airing of “Fox & Friends,” that former President Trump should be careful not to divide the nation any further than in his upcoming appearance and speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

A long list of Trump’s policies was ticked off during the section that Biden is now doing away with in what is called the “great undoing.” It was noted that Trump will “certainly retain a strong guiding voice on what the Republican Party is going to be.”

A variety of items were included in that list, and more foreign policy concerns like China and Iran would later be added to it:

Discontinue the extension of immigration enforcement.
Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement.
Cancel the Pipeline for Keystone XL.
Undoing the process of regulatory approval.
End Commission 1776.

Reverse ban on entering the military for transgender people.
Reverse lifting of tariffs on UAE imports of aluminum.
Reverse apprenticeship initiatives recognised by industry (IRAP).

His first public speaking appearance since he left office will be Trump’s CPAC address.

If they could persuade their TDS hosts to keep their big yaps shut, it would help Fox News a lot.

But they can’t shut them up, either, or they won’t.

Either way, it’s time for Fox News to tune-out. They’re worse than the CNN Network


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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