Tulsi Gabbard Calls Out Mitt Romney for Calling Her a “Treasonous Liar”

And she TOTALLY destroyed him!

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Tulsi Gabbard destroyed Mitt Romney in some early morning tweets, after Romney called Gabbard treasonous over the weekend for pointing out the Biolabs in Ukraine.

Over the weekend, Romney said that Gabbard’s treasonous lies may well cost lives.

This is why Tulsi unleashed a Twitter storm upon him destroying him and calling for him to do the right thing and resign.

In her first two tweets, Gabbard calls out Romney for highlighting her comments on the Biolabs in Ukraine. She says that her statements won’t cause a loss of life. They will prevent the spread of pathogens which would save lives. Gabbard then says that Romney “Bizarrely” claims that securing these labs is treasonous.

Next Gabbard shares that the labs should be secured.

Then Gabbard notes that even Biden’s State Department says that labs exist.

Gabbard states there is ample evidence of the labs being in Ukraine.

Gabbard noted that the Pentagon reportedly is concerned about the labs.

There definitely are labs in Ukraine.

A job done with excellence. Brava Tulsi!

What do you think?

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