Tucker Was Asked If He Got Vaxxed, Fox Host Retorts ‘When Was The Last Time You Had Sex With Your Wife’

When a New York Times reporter asked if Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson had received any of the four controversial COVID-19 vaccines, Carson replied by inquiring when the reporter last had sex with his spouse and in “what position,” according to the reporter.

In a piece for the New York Times titled “Tucker Carlson Calls Journalists ‘Animals.’ He’s Also Their Best Source,” journalist Ben Smith discusses Carlson-related issues of critical relevance to corporate media, including “whether he’s actually a racist or whether he cynically portrays one on TV.”

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Many of the scathing comments made against Carlson in the piece have been overshadowed by Smith’s account about a text message exchange he recently had with the Fox News host.

“I texted Tucker Carlson last month to ask him a question that had been bothering me: ‘Did you get vaccinated?’ Smith is a writer. “‘When and in what position did you last have sex with your wife?’ Carlson responded with a yes. ‘We can swap sensitive details,’ says the narrator. Carlson and Smith then “argued back and forth” about COVID-19 vaccinations, according to Smith.

Carlson made waves recently for criticizing a Republican National Committee ad that inexplicably attempted to portray President Joe Biden as an isolationist who is too kind to Russia and President Vladimir Putin:

“The Democratic Party has been in a McCarthyite froth about Russia for the previous four years, telling us that Russia, not China, was the greatest threat to the United States,” Carlson added. “Of course, that was absurd; it was absurd then, and it is absurd now, perhaps even more so.”

“The hilarious part is that they believed it over at the Republican National Committee,” Carlson added. What evidence do we have?

This is a legitimate RNC ad. Keep an eye on it.” The host then showed the commercial, in which a narrator with a stereotypical Russian accent suggests that Joe Biden should have put greater sanctions on Russia and that the US should take military action against Russian interests in Crimea.


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