TUCKER CARLSON REVEALS: The Image That Made Masks Mandates Go Down During The Spanish Flu

Masks were already being used previously, in another virus. It was way before the COVID era. It was during the Spanish flu… But, Americans took them off after seeing this photograph in public…

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According to the Fox News report,

“Renowned American broadcaster Tucker Carlson recalled the seriousness with which facemasks were imposed for the Spanish flu in 1918 and published the photograph that led to their use being scrapped shortly after Americans saw it.

The famous photo shows the mayor and several top city officials attending a boxing match – unmasked. That failure to comply would have caused the rule to be set aside.”

The public was willing to endure inconvenience, but not hypocrisy,” Tucker added.

According to the BL,

“He described a major fundraising meeting led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held in Napa Valley, California, on Aug. 22.

Although Pelosi, 81, who is part of the most vulnerable population group, was in attendance, neither she nor any of the staff or donors wore masks, but the wait staff was required to wear them.

From this scenario, Carlson begins to project the kind of authoritarian society that is emerging not only in the United States but also around the world.

“America is facing a similar moment right now. Once again, officials in California have been caught on camera exposing their own contempt for their own public health measures,” Carlson equates.

He adds, “It’s repulsive but revealing. It’s pretty clear at this point that Nancy Pelosi—our chief COVID enforcer—doesn’t believe a word she says about the virus.”

He also questions, “Has there ever been a clearer window into the society they’re trying to build? Our formerly middle-class nation now has a serf class.”

And he describes it as follows: “They’re the ones wearing the masks, being forced to take drugs they don’t want, being told not to communicate with one another, except through digital channels the Democratic Party controls.”


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