Tucker Carlson Is Changing The Game

This will crush too many leftists and hackers of the establishment—better be on the lookout, Fox News… certainly a game-changer.

For a lot of people, the Fox News boycott has been challenging because they lack their “favorites.”

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But that scenario has a problem.

Tucker’s got himself boxed in.

Outside of Fox, he has absolutely nothing.

He is no longer part of the Daily Caller, and he does not have a website or a podcast.

“Basically, he’s only “Fox News Tucker.

So, if he were to abandon Fox, where would he go?

Either Newsmax or OANN? Yeah, but at this point, they couldn’t pay him even close to what Fox News does-they just don’t have that kind of financial base.

So, this has always been a problem for his supporters-what will he do if Tucker is shot or tries to walk away?

The smart move is to start something new now, so you’ve already got things going if that day comes.

Yeah, that seems to be just what Tucker’s doing right now… not only is he going to start a podcast, which is great… but he’s going to start a series of investigations.

Better still.

The announcement was made by Senior Reporter Curt Mills, who writes for “The American Conservative.”

Here is what he said: “Tucker announces that he is launching a podcast and a new series of investigations”

We need this: someone like Tucker is a game-changer, with the know-how and expertise to do dedicated investigative journalism.

And now that we’ve lost Rush’s voice, we need to step up and help fill that vacuum with strong, bold, conservative, and populist voices.



Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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