Tucker Carlson And Ying Ma Revealed That Behind Attacks On Asians Aren’t Trump Supporters!

Tucker Carlson and Ying Ma debated the “lie” that “Republican racists” are to blame for the rash of violence against the Asian-Americans.

Like the “white supremacy,” since the pandemic outbreak, many hate criminal reports emerged for the Asian-Americans. The hate towards the Asian-Americans President Biden connected it with “white supremacy” in his speech on Thursday. He was a guest to “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

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Carlson said:
“So again, Joe Biden is tying these crimes, which are real, to the right,”
“He is saying anyone who talks about where the virus came from, talks it may have escaped from a lab is abetting violence against Asian-Americans, that’s why they are being attacked. But it’s a lie. The attackers don’t look like Trump voters, necessarily.”

After seeing some parts of the video from the attacks, Carlson attacked Biden and Democrats for making them “into political ammunition.”

Right before the announcement of the guest, Carlson imposed a question:
“Is it really Republican racists doing this, as Joe Biden suggested last night and so many other Democrats have told us?

Carlson’s guest was Ying Ma, the author of the “Chinese Girl In The Ghetto.”

Ying Ma knew about some whites doubtless harbor “hostility or resentment” towards Asians regarding the pandemic. But she also noted that the attackers weren’t white this time.

“As you said, they don’t quite look like white supremacists,”

“They don’t look like white voters or Trump voters. Many of these attacks have occurred in heavily Democratic cities where they did not vote for Trump in 2020 or 2016.”

The author of “Chinese Girl In The Ghetto” ended her speech criticizing the Democrats and their silence.

“And so what the Democrats or the far left have done, actually quite effectively, in the past year or so, is to libel former President Trump for something that the Democrats themselves actually are very much guilty of, and what is that? That is their silence and their cowardice before black on Asian attacks that often occur in America’s urban areas,”

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