Trump’s Tone IS What We Need Right Now!

After eight years of the PC culture created by Obama and the left, Trump was a breath of fresh air for us. You will hear this from a person who speaks from the heart!

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Sometimes people don’t realize what they’ve got until they lose it!

Many Americans had the wool pulled over their eyes by the MSM. Some of them are waking up and realizing that we need the Mean Tweeter back.

Trump will never go back to Twitter.

But, now, we will write about his tone!

Since 2015, people have been telling Trump how to change, and he can do it better.
Lightweight Republicans stated, “I wish President Trump wouldn’t make comments like this.”

Or: “President Trump needs to work on his tone.”

Or: “President Trump is not acting Presidential. If he’d just tone it down a little bit, his message would go over much better.”

The scoreboard!

The losing team has a lot of buts and ifs right after a defeat. “If only this one play had been different, and then these other two things would have changed a little bit, we would have probably won!” It is the same with politics.

All of these armchair quarterbacks who want to tell Trump how to be better make us laugh.

Liberals who make $35/hr write an article where they criticize Trump and tell him how he should improve isn’t something that holds water.

He rose to become a multi-billionaire. Then, he stated one of the most successful TV shows! And, in his 70s, he ran for President, and he succeeded in that! Bear in mind that he doesn’t have a political experience!

What are you doing in your life?

Those who want to criticize Donald Trump and say that he should do better, they are only fooling themselves.

Donald Trump will be the #45 President, and he will stand in history as one of the best of all time!

Pew research

Addison Wilson

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