Trump’s G7 Vs. Biden’s G7! [WATCH]

Conservatives are the most humorous!

No one else could do something like this out of Biden’s desperate performance. Do you feel that this is still the first year of Biden and Kamala’s ruling? So many damages, incompetence, and I feel like decades have passed since Biden took office.

Conservatives don’t want to sit with their hands crossed, so they chose to spend their time laughing. Biden to them is like the crazy uncle that runs from the house to flash your friends at the mall.

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Below you can see how Biden presented America at the G7 Summit.

In fact, Jill and Joe, on social media, shared how they were preparing for the G7 Summit for weeks. And after all those preparations, the meeting to end like this is embarrassing.

Dementia in its early stage is weird to watch. The soft racist undertones are offensive. However, it wasn’t the worst part.

Because of Biden, America is presented as weak.

When Trump was the President, no one could even possibly think that America is a weak country. If the President is strong, people will leave you alone. But, if you show a slight bit of weakness, the foes will use that. So, America doesn’t need someone who will bring us more worries and concerns; we need someone who will make a good photo-op at the cost of American jobs and taxpayer dollars.

In the video, you can see how the U.S. means nothing in the eyes of the other nations.

Someone on the internet made a comparison between Trump’s G7 and Biden’s G7. Biden is horrible, and it is catastrophically to watch!

You can see it below.

See, Trump wasn’t the most polite person at the Summit, showing that no one can mess with him. If they mess, they will lose!

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