Trump’s Announced– To “Blow Lid Off” This Global Pandemic

Trump’s reinauguration is imminent, and the first thing he would do is to blow the lid off the pandemic and regain the order of the fractured society!

On the night of his inauguration, he would address the nation and shared that there’s no Delta COVID-19 variant. It was invented by people who were petrified to lose their stranglehold on a compliant citizenry.

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We live in a time of pandemics with a virus that is no more lethal than the ordinary flu, and citizens eschewed masking and asked legitimate questions about the massive vaccinations. The Biden’s CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky, suggested an illusory solution, fabricating a highly transmissible and more virulent strain to petrify people to wear masks and get the vaccines.

The source told RRN that Trump’s supporters have irrefutable proof, verified correspondence, and audio communications, and the Biden admin uses the pandemic to subjugate law-abiding Americans!

“There is no such thing as the Delta variant. It’s a total fabrication. Trump has letters and taped calls between Walensky and many state and federal officials, including mayors, governors, and county judges, where they all pledged allegiance to support the fake disease.

He’s making headway against these criminals, but many are still at large. But once he’s back in the office, arrests will happen fast and furious. Walensky, Fauci, Newsom, Whitmer, AOC, Pelosi—they’ll be nabbed in a massive sweep preceding Trump’s announcement,” the source said.

Trump would activate the Emergency Broadcast System and seize hostile airwaves like CNN, MSNBC, etc., to make sure that the truth will arrive in every household ASAP. He would share the facts that the infectious non-life-threatening virus leaked from the Wuhan lab, the global health organizations in conjunction with the New World Order, and the Deep State massively profited from the vaccination sale.

“Trump’s announcement will rock the earth to its core. He knows he won’t awaken everyone to the truth because many have become so entrenched in the Deep State’s lies, they can’t break free. But he hopes enough people will believe so that the Deep State gets a final death blow powerful enough to prevent it from ever rooting itself again. This is what America has been waiting for,” the source added.

Also, the source added that Trump would apologize for supporting Operation Warp Speed and the COVID-19 vaccination.

“Trump will explain how he was tricked into supporting the vaccine. He will also explain the steps he has taken to prevent that injustice from ever happening again,” the source concluded.

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