Trump Wins Against His Hateful Liberal Mar-A-Lago Neighbors

No matter how hard the left wants to bring Trump down, he still comes back stronger than ever.

After an onslaught of petty complaints to get Trump evicted from Mar-A-Lago, Trump’s new win against the left comes after Mar-A-Lago got an onslaught of petty complaints to have Trump evicted from the island.

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Several of Trump’s neighbors were actively working to get him evicted even before he moved in after leaving the White House.

However, the liberals’ attempt to kick Trump out of Mar-A-Lago was thwarted when a Palm Beach attorney determined that Trump is a legitimate employee with complete permission to live there.

Check, check, check!

Despite residents’ claims that Trump isn’t allowed to live at Mar-a-Lago because of a Declaration of Use agreement he signed with the town in 1993, Palm Beach Town Attorney John Randolph concluded that the agreement doesn’t expressly forbid the ex-president from doing so, according to Town Manager Kirk Blouin.

Trump was able to transform his private residence into a private club thanks to a 1993 deal.

Private clubs will offer living quarters to a “bona fide employee” under the town’s zoning code, according to Randolph.

Randolph concluded that Trump is a genuine employee of Mar-a-Lago based on evidence presented to the town.

“Any individual generally employed onsite for the establishment, including sole proprietors, partners, limited partners, corporate officers, and the like,” the town describes “employee.”

According to Trump’s attorney, John B. Marion, Trump’s responsibilities at Mar-a-Lago include managing the premises, reviewing employee results.


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