Trump Will Be Re-Elected: “Sorry To Ruin People’s Coffee, But We Need To Recognize Reality”

President Trump was internationally humiliated, banned, and even tried to be impeached. TWICE…

However, his popularity, on both, national and international levels, has risen enormously, especially after the disastrous ‘regulation’ of the Afghanistan region by Biden and his admin…

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And the fake news factory headquarters, CNN, has brought it a guest to speak about this, just to ensure they are not left with nothing from the money-making machine that actual news and actual popularity brings.

Thus, they called in columnist Michael Gerson…

“A dire warning from a top aide to George W. Bush,” began the CNN anchor. “In a new op-ed, Michael Gerson writes, it is increasingly effort that the nightmare prospect of American politics unified Republican-controlled federal government in the hands of a re-elected empowered Donald Trump in 2025 is also the likely outcome. Michael Gerson joins me now. Number one, you say it’s coming, like a Donald Trump victory. I want to take the first part first quickly. Why do you think it is coming and maybe even likely that Donald Trump gets elected?”

“Sorry to ruin people’s coffee, but we need to recognize the reality here,” Gerson began before spewing lies about Trump acting “lawlessly” to overturn the 2020 election.

“All of this information is coming out that Donald Trump made a serious concerted attempt to overturn the 2020 election. So we are gaining information on his lawlessness. Second, we are seeing the party, the Republican Party, rather than revolting against this, is embracing it. He’s becoming more popular. This is creating a feedback loop of radicalization with the president and his strongest supporters. And we also have to recognize that the political trend, the normal political trends are going in the short and medium-term. In the Republican direction,” Gerson added.

“This is not just because of bad democratic messaging. It’s because of the coalitions that they have in a presidential election. We’re polarized by education and it gives Republicans significant advantages on our map the way it’s done. So I don’t consider this alarmism. I consider this just description of where we are right now,” he continued.

“You see it is not alarmism but being descriptive. Do you think people get it, or which people or institutions now do you think need to get a better grasp on this?” the anchor asked.

“Well, the first one is just the Democratic Party. I mean, you look at these trends, which I talk about in the piece, and they’re going to need to win in places where they’re not currently winning. That means that, you know, the median voter they’re seeking is to their right. Right now all The National messaging is on a $3.5 trillion plan which is defined by that number rather than anything that would be done. They are focused on internal battles within the party. They need to be focused on this external threat and the reality of who they need to reach. And I think Republicans need to take this seriously, too, like me. In the near term, it is important for Democrats to win in, for example, the midterm elections. This is going to require something hard for Republicans, which is to vote strategically for Democrats because parties don’t change unless they lose. And the Republican Party, if it goes for victory to victory with this content, with this message, is a true threat to the republic,” he concluded – leaving the bunch down at CNN with nothing more to say…

Care to comment on this awesome “CNN touchdown”?


Ava Garcia

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