Trump Went After Cassidy When The Senator Stated He Wouldn’t Support Him For The 2024 Presidential Election!

This Monday, Trump criticized Bill Cassidy when the Senator publicly announced he won’t support Trump in his 2024 candidacy.

In an interview on Axios on HBO this Sunday, the Senator stated that he doesn’t believe Trump wouldn’t be the GOP presidential nominee again.

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“President Trump is the first president, in the Republican side at least, to lose the House, the Senate, and the presidency in four years. Elections are about winning,” Cassidy told Axios’s, Mike Allen.

Allen cleared that Cassidy won’t vote for Trump in the 2024 election, and Cassidy conformed to that during the interview.

However, this Monday, Trump stated that Cassidy was a RINO, an acronym for Republican In Name Only, and noted that he had hoisted on other Republicans that the Senator had begged for his endorsement in 2020, “and used it all over the place to win re-election.”

“Now, Wacky Bill Cassidy can’t walk down the street in Louisiana, a State I won by almost 20 points,” Trump stated. “He could not even be elected dog catcher today, and the great people curse him.”

Trump defeated Joe Biden by 20 points in 2020 in Louisiana, having 58.5% of the vote. Cassidy won even better, with 59.3% of the vote.

“Wacky Bill is a totally ineffective Senator, but Louisiana does have a great Senator in John Kennedy,” Trump stated, referring to the state’s other GOP senator whom he supported during the summer after Kennedy shared he would run for re-election.

Cassidy was one of the seven Republican senators who desperately wanted Trump’s conviction!


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