Trump Was Interviewed by Newsmax, and What He Said Will Keep Democrats Awake at Night…

In a new interview released on Friday, former President Donald Trump discussed 2024, stating that an announcement regarding a possible presidential run will be made “in the not-too-distant future.”

Trump claimed on Newsmax TV’s “Wake Up America” that he wants “a little time to go by” before the 2022 midterm elections to see what happens. Until then, Trump is adamant about helping Republicans win elections, combating the deep state, and confronting the extremist left.

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“I think you’re going to be thrilled,” Trump said when asked whether he plans to play “king” or “kingmaker” in 2024. I believe you will be extremely pleased. We’d like some time to pass, so we can see what occurs in 22.

He continued, “I’ll be making an announcement in the not-too-distant future.” “Right now, I’m assisting a number of folks in gaining office, and we’re fighting both the deep state and the radical left. They’re on the lookout for me. They’re on the lookout for Rudy… They’re looking for anyone. They’re ruthless. They’re ruthless, they don’t do their jobs well, and they’re awful for the country. But I’ve been fighting them for the past five and a half years, since I first walked down the escalator. However, these are ruthless individuals. And I get a feeling they don’t care for our country.”

“Well, based on what’s occurring with inflation, don’t forget you haven’t seen the kill of inflation,” Trump stated when asked if he thinks Joe Biden will lose in 2024. You see inflation, but you’ve never seen what it does.”

Inflation will “top” the levels seen by previous President Jimmy Carter, Trump claimed.

“I was there with Jimmy Carter, which means I was one of the individuals working in this country at the time,” he explained. “And the prime rate rose to 21%, causing catastrophic inflation. That was the absolute worst. That was about as terrible as it gets… We’re going to beat those numbers, or at least come close to beating them. Now, look, we’re entering a period where lumber costs twice as much as it did when I left, where gasoline was $1.87 a gallon when I left, and now it’s $3.50.”


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