Trump Supporters are Real People, Clueless Hollywood Actor Discovers: ‘Eye-Opening’

Actors are peculiar people who are frequently out of touch, but Matt Damon’s ignorance of Donald Trump followers may take the cake.

The actor, who has starred in films such as “Good Will Hunting,” “Saving Private Ryan,” and the “Bourne” franchise, is an avowed socialist who had to stoop to play a Trump fan in his most recent picture, “Stillwater.”

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According to Reuters, he plays an oil rig worker whose daughter becomes involved in a European murder investigation, a la Amanda Knox.

What’s the best way to portray a Trump supporter? This should be a rhetorical inquiry, not a direct one. Yes, you may think it’s simple for me to say as a Trump supporter, but pay attention.

I could even pretend to be an Eric Swalwell volunteer if you really want to help me out. (I’d need Chinese spy money to do it, but it’s doable.)

Damon, a trained actor, had to spend time among Trump supporters in order to nail the role. Damon said he spent a “absolutely vital” amount of time with MAGA supporters during a press conference at the Cannes Film Festival in France for the debut of “Stillwater.”

What was his conclusion? Despite the fact that they “don’t apologize for who they are,” they were nonetheless “great to us.” Sure, they wore goatees and wore sunglasses, and they sang bizarre “church songs,” but they were still people.

“When they are invited into their houses, to a backyard BBQ, they pull out a guitar and begin singing church tunes. It’s a unique location. According to Reuters, Damon noted during a press conference following the Thursday red carpet premiere of “Stillwater” that “it’s completely different from where I grew up.”

“It was a very eye-opening experience for me.”

In other words, this is an obscenely wealthy actor who is one of the most powerful artists on the planet, and he appears to be a guy who has suddenly discovered a cohort of his fellow countrymen, 74 million of whom voted for the incumbent president in the 2020 election.

Not only that, but he treats them as if they were 20-year-old neon green hominids with goatees and Oakley shades who crawled up on his porch one day to drink a beer, strum a guitar, and sing “How Great is Our God.”

Damon’s role is an oil drill worker who is forced to travel to Marseille, France, to visit his estranged daughter, who has been imprisoned for the murder of her roommate.

“At the film’s Thursday night premiere, one of the greatest chuckles came when Damon’s character was asked if he voted for Donald Trump by a French woman. He didn’t vote because of a prior felony, he says, but solely because he couldn’t vote at all,” Variety said.

According to Variety’s account of Damon’s preparation, the immersion was completely unneeded. He “learned to appreciate the smallest aspects — from wearing a certain brand of blue jeans sprayed with fire retardant, which “changes the way these guys walk,” according to the Hollywood trade journal.”

Damon explained, “They all have goatees and sunglasses.” “They don’t have six-pack abs, but they’re powerful. You go to their picnics, where a guitar accompanies you.

Damon was deeply affected by the “church hymns.” This is a 50-year-old man, one of our celebrity caste’s most powerful and respected members, marveling that these guys were performing religious songs rather than Springsteen, the Strokes, Ed Sheeran, or Pearl Jam. He has never experienced organized religion in his half-century on this planet. Perhaps he mistook the worship portion of the religious ceremony for mime.

What else does Damon want you to know? They’re not going to bow down to Hollywood.

Damon stated, “These people don’t apologize for who they are.”

Why would they feel compelled to do so?

Furthermore, Damon and director Tom McCarthy of “Stillwater” were “allowed inside the break rooms and backyard barbecues of the genuine guys who inspired the character” Damon played.

“They work in the oil industry.” Damon stated of his goateed persona, “Of course he voted for Trump.” “These people were amazing to us, and they genuinely cared about our well-being. For me, it was eye-opening.”

And what about the Trump fans in this film? According to The Hollywood Reporter, it received a five-minute standing ovation at Cannes. This isn’t exactly MAGA country.



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