Trump Says Biden Has Mental Issues

Former President Donald Trump has developed a political career by forcing liberals to confront reality, and on Wednesday, a post-presidential interview revealed that he has not changed.

Trump, who has been largely out of the public eye since Inauguration Day, took on current President Joe Biden’s appearance during a CNN town hall Tuesday and Biden’s argument in a telephone interview with Newsmax TV host Greg Kelly.

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His definition was dead-on, and it’s not going to make liberals happy.

“Trump told the host of “Greg Kelly Reports,” a program that is rapidly growing in popularity with Trump’s political base, “I saw that he said there was no vaccine when he came into office, and yet he got a shot before he got into office.

It was early November when we revealed it, but we actually had it a lot earlier than that. Millions of shots and millions of doses were distributed.

But Americans would possibly have to get used to these alternatives due to the installation of the aged, often-confused Biden to the highest office in the country.

Check out his Tuesday night statement.


That was far from being the only dubious moment. No one who even watched video segments of Biden’s CNN appearance could have been motivated by the wandering responses to trust.

As disgraceful as the presence of Biden was, it was covered by the mainstream media, obviously by his Praetorian Guard. For example, in the case of the vaccine howler, the “fact-checkers” establishment hastened to convince Americans that what the president said was not really what he said. (Does anyone recall trying to describe Trump’s words like that by any major media outlet?)

That might work for liberal activists posing as journalists, but the choices offered by Trump are a little easier to believe for average Americans.

After all, Biden has a well-established reputation for being publicly confused and detached, and it goes way beyond the sort of occasional verbal slip-up that the mainstream media is attempting to pass off here.

He has lied about events that are public information problems frequently and openly, and almost always to make himself look good. (Being present for a field-of-combat awards ceremony that did not occur, for example, or being “arrested” in the 1970s in South Africa while attempting to meet Nelson Mandela, then imprisoned anti-apartheid hero.)

In the other hand, it is also not reassuring to have a president willing to say a bald-faced lie on national television about a basic reality, such as when the coronavirus vaccine became available.


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