Trump is About To Destroy Biden With This Newly Exposed Brave Plan

The boundary is in shambles.

Not only did the Democrats create this mess, but they still have no idea how to properly handle the ensuing chaos.

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The Biden administration thought it would be a smart idea to blame the guy who literally solved the border crisis for the issues they’ve generated and are dealing with right now in one of the dumbest PR moves I’ve ever seen – and I was a PR/marketing pro, so I’ve seen a lot of stupidity.

It’s not only misleading, but it’s also a foolhardy attempt, because no one with any sense believes this nonsense.

No one.

In the end, it just serves to make the Democrats and Bumbling Joe seem more befuddled, naive, and reckless.

Republicans have detected political blood in the water and are traveling to the border to demonstrate the impending disaster, which is a positive thing.

She had no idea it was coming.

That is something we need. The American people need to see and hear what is going on down there under Joe’s “ruling.”

Ted Cruz was just down the street when this video was taken.

Video below:

But if Joe and his handlers think things couldn’t get any worse, they’re about to find out.

It appears that President Trump has devised a grand scheme to assassinate Joe Biden…

Trump is most likely to travel to the frontier.


Republicans in Congress are going to the US-Mexico border to determine the immigration situation for themselves, and it’s likely that former President Donald Trump will join them.

Immigration and border protection were central to Trump’s campaign and administration, and Vice President Joe Biden moved quickly to reverse his predecessor’s policies. With record-high numbers of children now in border detention, Biden has come under fire for his immigration policies, and Republicans continue to travel to the border in contrast to Biden’s absence.

When asked if Trump could make a trip to the border, Jason Miller, a senior adviser to Trump, said on Michael Berry’s podcast on Thursday, “I could see him doing it soon.” “Not right away, but I might see a trip here at some point in the future,” she says, “but it is something [former] President Trump is really curious about.”

According to Miller, Trump visited the border wall during his final days in office and hasn’t returned since because he decided to let Biden “fail on his own.” There was a “very fine line” between opposing someone’s policies and showboating, Miller said. He also said that Trump didn’t want Biden to use his trip to downplay the situation, which Miller described as a “absolute tragedy,” and accuse Trump of “making a scene out of it.”

It appears that President Trump has devised a well-thought-out strategy to place liar Joe and his cheating crew in the hot seat… This is what happens when you take something that isn’t yours.

And it’s all in good fun…

Within President Trump’s first four years, Obama and Bush (and sometimes Slick Willy) went after him on a regular basis, paving the way for this sort of action by a president who has left (or been pushed out of) office.

But believe me when I say that Trump would do a much better and more ruthless job than they did…

The media and Democrats will be at a loss about what to do.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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