Trump For Biden: ‘’I EXPECTED it!’’- Trump Mocks Biden For The Fall!

Previous Friday, one video emerged! There we could see the inglorious fall of our President Joe Biden.
While boarding, Biden fell a couple of times until he reached his final destination, the top of the scales.

Well, it cannot pass without comments, right?

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In the interview on Monday, former President Donald Trump commented on Biden’s fall and said that he expected this to occur.

Trump Mocks Biden

Trump spoke to Newsmax TV and said:

“I expected it,”

“Actually, when I went down the ramp at West Point, which was like a sheet of ice with no railing, no nothing — great planning — I wanted to go inch by inch because the last thing I want to do is take a tumble like Biden did.”

“Now, that tumble was terrible, and it wasn’t really one,”

“It was three. And it wasn’t mentioned — for the most part — it wasn’t mentioned in the lamestream — as we call it — the lamestream media.”-concluded Trump.

Trump ridicules Biden Plan.

Former President said that Biden must observe what he is signing because his plan is so wrong that even Sen. Bernie Sanders ‘’on steroids’’ wouldn’t be signing that. – explained Trump.

He added: “There’s something going on. It’s crazy. What’s happening is crazy, and you wonder whether or not all of the things that he’s signing, whether or not he understands what he’s signing because this is worse than Bernie Sanders,”

Trump also stated that no one expected this to happen, not even at its worst point.

“Bernie Sanders on steroids wouldn’t be signing what this guy is signing.”

Trump Blasteed Karl Rove

In the same interview, we can hear that Trump also attacked Karl Rove, a clear never-Trump Republican.
According to him, Rove should never be a Fox analyst. He is listed as a headliner of Mach 31 virtual fundraiser for another never-Trump Republican, Adam Kinzinger.

“Karl Rove, if he’s going for that guy – over anybody – he’s not a Republican; he’s not a good Republican,”

“Look, he’s been a RINO [Republican in Name Only] for a long time – bad news. And I hope people don’t contribute to him.”

In conclusion, Trump added:

“You know who’s going to give to that? Democrats,” he added. “He’ll have Democrats give. The Republicans are not going to give. Democrats are going to give. Between Karl Rove and Kinzinger, Republicans they’re not going to give, but plenty of Democrats will give. We’ll see how they do. He’s going to have some good competition.”

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