Trump: “Does Anyone Know Who is Controlling Biden?”

Who is in charge of the White House?
At his Save America Rally in Florida last night, President Trump posed the following question:

This is a fantastic query.

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For starters, this question highlights the fact that this man (Biden) is physically and mentally incapable of serving in the White House. This is common knowledge. On a daily level, Biden makes no sense. He’s simply not present.

This also reveals President Trump to be the polar opposite. President Trump possesses the mental and physical capabilities required of a leader. He demonstrated that Friday night in Florida with a two-hour event in which he shared anecdotes, spoke freely, and laid out a vision for what is happening and what needs to be done.

This question also draws our attention to the fact that in DC, someone else is in charge. This is a serious problem. We discussed that in our letter.

Biden makes a mumbo jumbo word salad or says something unusual, bizarre, or nonsensical every day. He then warns us that if he says something off the cuff, his handlers would be furious. Every day, something unusual happens.

So, Obama is in charge of the White House? This is something we’ve previously discussed. Obama had previously hinted at this.

Is it, however, just Barack? Many people believe George Soros was Obama’s handler and key strategist.

We’ve previously covered Soros. He surely has the ego, financial means, and audacity to rule the White House. He founded and funds the non-profits that help him. Is George Soros in charge?

And the Biden crew was doing everything they could to gain access to China. Is China in charge of the situation?

China even boasts about its dominance over the United States.

This is a serious problem. We’ve been duped into accepting intolerable working conditions and rules that limit our freedoms. We should not consent.

Our Constitution establishes a President who is chosen by the people. It is past time for us to wake up and pray to God that He will straighten and repair our country in His own time.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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