Trump Announced Tremendous Fraud Uncovered During Arizona Audit!

“And I think, based on preliminary letters written by Karen Fann … it looks like they’re finding tremendous fraud,” said Trump.

Newsmax interviewed Steve Cortez, a former advisor, and President Donald Trump stated: “it looks like they’re finding tremendous fraud” by the Arizona audit.

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In the interview, Cortez asked for some details about the Arizona audit.

Trump answer was:
“There’s pretty much uniformity, and the Democrats don’t want to see it. They don’t want to have a vote count in Arizona,”

“What Arizona Republican senators have done and are doing now is incredible. They’re doing a forensic study of the biggest county, and it’s 2.1 million votes.”

“And I think, based on preliminary letters written by Karen Fann, who’s incredible, who’s the head of the senate, based on some of these letters it looks like, I’m not involved, it looks like they’re finding tremendous fraud. Now we’ll see in four weeks, and it’s going to take a period of time. They had em move everything because it’s in a convention center,” Trump added.

“It’s a big operation, but we will see in a short period of time. What they have done is incredible. They have to be admired. They’re great American patriots. The Republican senators from Arizona and now other senators, state senators, and others are looking at it because they say the same thing happened to us,” he concluded.

Everything came after Trump’s statement after reports that 17.5% of the ballots in Maricopa didn’t match the ones provided to the auditors by the Maricopa County election officials. In the statement, Trump added that the 2020 election was tremendously corrupted.

“A devastating letter written by Arizona Senate President Karen Fann on voting irregularities, and probably fraud, in Maricopa County during the 2020 Presidential Election. Even the database was illegally deleted after the subpoena to produce the information,” Trump wrote, and he referred to the letter that revealed the 17.5% discrepancy in the number of ballots provided compared to the number of ballots listed. “Senate President Fann has invited Maricopa County officials to a public hearing on May 18 to allow them the opportunity to try to explain what happened to the missing databases, ballots, and other significant issues.”

In the letter, we could have found a suspicious white powder sent to Karen Fann’s office, and hazmat teams investigate the case.

The National File reported that the letter arrived at Fann’s office, and that happened after Arizona Democrats and media outlets slammed the forensic audit of the 2020 election results in Maricopa.

Maricopa County declared that it could stop cooperating with the audit.

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