TROUBLE: This Symbol On Your Cell Means You’re Being Watched

Luckily, we’re here to give you a heads-up and hopefully, prevent any attacks and unfortunate events for your privacy.

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The Big Tech surveillance just keeps getting worse. Along with the Media and Big Pharma, they’re controlling the entire planet, along with the sleazy governments, funded by their endless money funds.

“Google, which developed the Android system, said a new feature on its latest upgrade informs users when the camera or microphone on their phone has been activated,” the New York Post reported last month.

“The Google feature was added to phones in the latest Android 12 update,” the outlet said. “The new indicator appears in the top right corner of the screen.

“You’ll see a camera or microphone icon when an app attempts to access either. It prevents apps from surreptitiously listening in — or even watching through your camera.”

“Google has worked its way into virtually every aspect of your life, and the search giant’s network of interrelated apps and services capture, share, and rely on a great deal of personal information about you,” Business Insider reported in 2020.

“Google tracks your search history, for example, as well as your mobile device’s location, the ads you view, the videos you watch, and more.”

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