Trojan Horse! Bernie Kerik’s January 6 Committee Subpoena will Expose The Voter Fraud!!!

‘’The best way to defeat an angry man is to let him destroy himself.’’

It is a strategy that Trump uses to expose the sham January 6 committee and wants to expose the massive fraud that occurred in the 2020 election.

Kerik was issued a subpoena by a partisan January 6 Committee, but it won’t end well for them.

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It would be a political Trojan Horse and a miscalculation on the part of the DC Dems.

Check this out:

We have a better picture:

Just The News reported:

“Mr. Kerik still intends to comply with the subpoena,” Kerik attorney Timothy Parlatore wrote the Jan. 6 Select Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) in a letter Tuesday. “However, we will need additional time to comply due to the volume of documents and privilege issues.” In the same letter, Parlatore also accused majority Democrats of fabricating an allegation against his client.

Politico has covered this story:

The committee subpoenaed Kerik in part because its investigators believed he attended a meeting at the Willard Hotel in Washington on Jan. 5 with Giuliani, Steve Bannon and others. But according to the letter POLITICO reviewed — which his lawyer sent Tuesday to the panel’s chair, Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) — that’s a fabrication.

The committee cited a Washington Post story and a recent book by Robert Costa and Bob Woodward to corroborate its assertions concerning Kerik. But the article does not say Kerik attended the meeting, and the book doesn’t mention Kerik at all, according to his lawyer, Timothy C. Parlatore. Rather, Parlatore wrote to the committee, Kerik was in New York on Jan. 5 handling a family medical emergency.

People online say it is brilliant, but how could we introduce evidence legally?

By allowing Bernie Kerick to testify before the J6 committee!

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