I am now amazed by Trevor Noah’s performance, but it seems that he is just waking up.

I guess he is opening his eyes about what is happening with Big Pharma, vaccines, coronavirus pandemic, and you.

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This video I thought you would never see! Trevor Noah asks the perfect questions and starts to connect the dots.

Great job Trevor, you should do this the entire time:

The New York Post has covered the backlash to Noah’s thinking. You can’t do that, didn’t you know?

Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Media don’t want you to think about yourself.

The New York Post reported:

No one’s laughing at “The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah’s new take on coronavirus vaccine maker Moderna.

The late-night comedian appears to be suspicious of Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel, who recently went public with concerns over how well his vaccine will hold up against the Omicron variant.

Noah questioned Bancel’s intentions as he alleges that the pharma boss may not be the most “objective source” for pandemic predictions.

“On the one hand, almost all the Omicron cases have been mild so far,” the 37-year-old host began in a clip shared to social media. “But on the other hand, the guy who stands to gain millions of dollars from new vaccines says we need new vaccines, huh?”

As a parody of Bancel, Noah mocked, “If we don’t make a new vaccine, this disease could be with us Ferrari … I mean ‘forever.’ Sorry, I was thinking of something else” — suggesting that the French billionaire businessman might be prioritizing his bank account over epidemiological concerns.

Some viewers were evidently incensed — not at the thought of padding Bancel’s wallet, but of Noah’s cynicism. Said one Twitter user: “This seems to be spreading an anti-vax point of view.”

Others, however, appeared to be in full accord, though perhaps not the sort that Noah had intended.

As one skeptic pointed out, “Holy cow!!! You guys can finally see it. Pfizer CEO also said we would need these vaccine’s every year.”

Meanwhile, Rafael Shimunov, a Queens-based political activist with a following of nearly 53,000, aimed to clarify Noah’s statements, saying, “To all the covidiots who think this means Trevor Noah has joined your death cult: you can be suspicious of Big Pharma AND believe in vaccines and science just like you can be suspicious of Big Tech while using your phone to read this.”

New York Post Twitter

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