TREASON: US Government Officials Edit Wuhan Lab Journal!

Government officials in the US were caught editing Virologica Sinica, a journal affiliated with the Infamous WIV that writes fake news and writes against sharing the true origins of the COVID-19 virus.

The reports claim that the officials who work and Fauci’s NIAID embedded themselves within the journal’s editorial board and allowed them to steer the science shared there to divert and deflect away from the truth!

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Many studies were published in this journal, confessing gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses at the WIV. It contradicts Fauci’s fake claims that he and his agency have never been involved in the high-risk research!

A journal article from 2017 claims that to identify the DENV entry factors in one experiment, researchers “carried out a gain-of-function complementary DNA (cDNA) screen for host proteins that allow the minimally susceptible cell line 293T to be infectable by DENV (Carnec et al., 2015).”

The paper moves on to explain that the simultaneous “gain-of-function and loss-of-function assays were performed” to finish the experiment.

“… two main approaches can be undertaken in such screens: gain-of-function, in which a library of overexpressed proteins is used to induce or amplify restriction,” the article confessed.

Fauci committed treason: Now what?

Dr. Fauci lied under oath, denying that he knew or was involved in the gain-of-function research and that his scientists edited the studies that revealed it was taking place. It is more than a smoking gun. It proves that Fauci is a criminal who has committed crimes against humanity!

The communist Chinese government is involved in this situation as well. The National Pulse unearthed other details about how Virologica Sinica journal shared different studies listing people employed by various Chinese military-controlled institutions.

Among the names, we could find people from People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Hospital 307, General Hospital, Third Military Medical University, and Fourth Military Medical University.

“Several studies, including those constructing ‘recombined’ viruses, counting authors from China’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences have been published in the journal,” Natalie Winters reported.

“Researchers working for Wuhan-based institutes, such as Wuhan University, have seen their studies carried out in conjunction with the Wuhan General Hospital of Guangzhou Command of PLA published in Virologica Sinica.”

Also, you can find authors and editors from the Center for Disease Prevention and Control, China, and the Southern, Central, and Northern Theatre Command of the PLA.

“Additionally, researchers from several institutes part of a PLA-run hospital network such as the Department of Emergency at the 171st Hospital of the PLA and the Department of Respiratory Medicine at the 307th Hospital of the PLA have been published in the journal,” Winter continued.

All this proves that Fauci aligned with the Communist Chinese regime built C-19 bioweapons with American taxpayer dollars.

“3,000,000+ charges of crimes against humanity for ALL involved, including the presstitutes that covered up the truth,” suggested one Natural News commenter. “Nothing less will be justice.”

“By the time it’s over, Hitler will be behind Fauci as a mass exterminator,” responded another.

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